Hungry Running Recap: Run Somewhere You Love And Do What Makes You Happy

A lot of people ask me how I stay motivated to run on a consistent basis. Most of the time I’ll say it’s because I love it, which is true. I really do enjoy running. It’s that simple.

But even so, there are certainly times when I know that I should go out for a run, but really just don’t want to. It’s nothing personal against running, I just don’t feel like it. We all have those days. And that’s fine.

Yesterday wasn’t one of those days, though. In fact, yesterday I couldn’t wait to lace up my sneakers and go. And that’s because I got to run here.

And discover picturesque little parks like this one here.

It was such a gorgeous day out, I felt like I was on vacation. I’m pretty sure every other New Yorker in the park felt that way too.

This dude definitely did.

My point is. If you find fun, pretty, exciting places to run, you’ll actually look forward to hitting the road for a few miles. And this concept doesn’t only apply to running.

Not everyone was meant to be a runner. Some people will just never enjoy it, I know. But if you find a type of exercise, whatever it may be, that you love, it will always keep you coming back for more. Then, finding that motivation to get up and get at it everyday won’t be so hard.

Exercise should never feel like a chore. It should be enjoyed. There’s really no need to grit your teeth through an entire workout just because you “need to burn the calories” or “get in your 30 minutes for the day.” Why force yourself to do something if you’re not gonna have fun? It’s your free time that you’re using to exercise, you might as well enjoy it!

What’s your favorite way to exercise?


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