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Link Love: Consistency Is Key

[image via Tumblr & Tribesports.com]

Hungry Readers, I hope you are all having a lovely and relaxing holiday weekend! I did a ton of reading this past week and I’m excited to share some super-informative blog posts and articles with you all. I’ve been talking a lot about consistency this week. Like how one of my number one tips for beginner runners is to devote yourself to a consistent running routine. It might sound a little bit cliche, but it really comes down to the fact that the more you do something, the better you get at it. And that adage applies to all areas of health and fitness.

If you’re goal is to lose 10 pounds, it’s not going to happen after just one or two intense workouts (Although, wouldn’t it be nice if it did?), the same way reading one page of a book won’t make you an expert on the subject. Change requires time, dedication, and hard work. To see results you have to consistently chip away little pieces at a time… And one of the best ways to facilitate that process is by educating yourself. So I hope that you’ll learn (and laugh) a little bit from some my favorite health and fitness links this week!

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Equipment-Free Tabata Workout

You know what? You now have no excuse not to workout.

You know why? Because this 19-minute kick-butt Tabata routine can be done anytime, anywhere, any way.

OK, maybe not any way. You do need to follow a few simple guidelines (see below). But still, that’s not much to ask at all. So if you haven’t gotten your sweat on yet today, get up and get moving! Read More

Upper Body Blast + Core Killer Workout

upper body and core workout

Get ready to feel the burn, kids!

This upper body resistance routine is designed to target your back and bicep muscles. Plus, I threw in a little added challenge in the form of decline pushup super sets after each set of lifts Read More

Hungry Runner’s Tabata Time Workout

tabata workout

Tabata, tabata, tabata!! I LOVE tabata!

Really, what kind of workout could be better than a total body strength and cardio-conditioning routine that gets your heart rate up right away, burns a butt-load of calories, and makes you feel like a beast? Uhhh.. I can’t think of any Read More

Chest & Tricep Strength Workout

chest and tricep workout

Oh baby, are my arms Sore with a capital S! Since running is off limits to me for two weeks, weights and the pool have become my new BFF’s and my upper body is LOVING IT Read More

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