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Get Strong for Summer: 3 Equipment-Free Strength Workouts


I hope ya’ll are ready for some cross training, because I’ve got three EPIC equipment-free strength workouts for you to add to your summer strength routine. Read More

12-Week Weight Lifting Program: Part 3


Alright! So this is the final phase of my 12-week weight lifting program.

When you pick up this phase you should be starting out your ninth week of the program. That means, your weights are getting even heavier and you’re performing even less reps for each exercise. Read More

Hungry Running Recap: 6 Miles In Under 1 Hour And A Snake!

I just finished a 6 mile run. Let it be set in stone that sunny and 60 degrees is the ultimate, perfect running weather. No one can convince me otherwise. The guy that passed by me at the end of my run agreed with me on that, so basically that means it’s fact. Read More

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