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My 14-Week Marathon Training Plan

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Welcome to my life. All I talk about now is marathon training.

Marathon training this. Marathon training that. Hey, by the way! Did you know I’m training for the New York City Marathon?

Sorry, I’m not sorry. What can I say? My world revolves around running (more so than usual now) and finishing my training program and the race successfully means a lot to me, so it’s going to affect almost every aspect of my life.

Speaking of my training program, I’ve been talking a lot about that over the past few weeks too, but I haven’t shared it with you all yet until now.

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Marathon Training Starts Now


This past Friday marked 100 days until the 2014 New York City Marathon.

That sounds crazy to me! OK, so 100 days seems like kind of a long way to go (and a lot of days of training), but since I started working towards this goal in January of 2013, which is almost like, 2 years ago, in the grand scheme of things that seems like a microscopic amount of time.

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Review: Mizuno Wave Kazan Trail Running Shoes

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.

If it were possible, all of my runs would take place on rugged trails shaded by trees and surrounded by wildlife. However, I live in New York City, so instead most of my runs takes place on paved cement and surrounded by a jungle of tall concrete buildings. I guess you could compare the city dwellers roaming the streets to wildlife at least.

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That’s Too Much Running!


Hungry Readers, on Monday we will be 16 weeks out from the New York City Marathon!!!!

That’s right, there’s 16 weeks until November 2. How crazy is that?

Do wanna hear something that you might think is even more crazy? I’m not going start training for another 2 weeks.

That’s right. I only plan on training for 14 weeks. Why?

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20 Thoughts You’ll Have While Running In the Rain


You know you’re in the mood to run when you wake up for a workout at 6AM on a Friday and not even the rain can keep you inside.

That’s what happened to me yesterday morning. My alarm went off, I peaked at the grey sky through the crack in my curtain and was almost sure I could hear the sound of rain falling through my open window. Normally that would deter me from running outside, but something in me just really wanted to run, so I got up, got dressed and hoped that it wasn’t coming down too hard as I headed out the door.

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Celebrate National Running Day


Tomorrow is National Running Day!

I may not have been blogging (or even updating my social media profiles) much lately, but I most definitely have still been running, which means I will be certainly be celebrating this glorious holiday with all of you tomorrow.

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