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Hungry Running Recap: The Importance of Rest Days


Happy New Year, Hungry Readers!

Can you believe my first run in 2014 didn’t happen until four days into the year? I can’t! My last workout before today’s was on December 31st, and since I was traveling for the New Year’s holiday I wasn’t able to get a run in on the first. As sad as that made me, it actually ended up being for the best because a) I’ve been running a lot since September and b) I had been feeling a little bit sick, so it was definitely time for a short break.

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Cruise Control iPhone Running App Giveaway! [Closed]

Remember last month when I couldn’t stop raving about the new Cruise Control iPhone app that syncs your music to your pace while you run? Well, if not, here are a few snapshots from my Instagram to jog your memory. Read More

Hungry Running Recap: 1 Mile … In 34 Minutes?


Yep, you read the title right. It took me almost 34 minutes to run one mile today.

Okay, not really. I’m exaggerating a little. Stretching the truth for the tale. But since it’s time to step up my training game a few notches, I opted for a bootcamp-style circuit workout in lieu of simply going out for a run today.
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Hungry Running Recap: New York Runners In Support of Staten Island

At 8:30AM this morning, Breanne and I boarded the Staten Island Ferry with about 1,000 other runners from all over the world (That’s right. Not just runners from New York. Runners from all around. Some who traveled overseas to run the NYC Marathon today!) and headed across the bay to help out in one of the areas hit hardest by hurricane Sandy. Read More

NYC Marathon Cancelled: Let’s Stop Arguing and Start Volunteering

All week we’ve been arguing over Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to continue with the New York City Marathon. Some argued it would boost the city’s morale and help maintain a sense of normalcy during a time of crisis. Others felt infuriated that it would take away precious resources needed to aide the victims whose lives have been completely overturned by the storm. Read More

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