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Banana-Berry Protein Smoothie Recipe


I am almost always on the hunt for new sources of protein, and especially kinds that, a) you can easily take on the go and b) don’t come along with a whole bunch of added sugar.

So when I was offered the opportunity to test out some of the new protein products from About Time, I was excited to find out that they meet these two very important requirements. Read More

Vegetarian Taco Recipe: Veggie Lentil Tacos


If I could, I would invite all of you over to my apartment so that we could celebrate Cinco de Mayo together.

We could enjoy Mexican-inspired foods (like these vegetarian tacos), drink margaritas and chat about running and all of our other favorite fitness activities.

If I could, I would. But somehow I don’t think that you’d all fit in my tiny Brooklyn abode. Plus, I’d have to make a whole lot of tacos, and while I love you guys and I enjoy cooking, I’m not sure I could handle that much work.

So, for right now, the best I can do is share this totally scrumptious vegetarian taco recipe with all of you. Read More

Pear and Raisin Summer Salad with Goat Cheese

When I think of salad, usually I imagine something that exclusively includes savory ingredients. Maybe something made with a mixture of chicken, beans, olives, and tomatoes. But those kinds of typical salad combinations can get boring after a while. And there’s no rule that says salads can’t include some sweet stuff, right?

Right! In fact, more salads should be made with fruit. There’s something about a summertime type salad filled with sweet and juicy fruits that, for me at least, seems so against the grain that it makes a dish that I sometimes see as a boring plate filled with leaves, much more exciting and tasty.

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Curried Red Lentil Mash-up with Sweet Potato and Cauliflower

OK, I have a confession to make. So, I named this blog Hungry Runner because I like food and I like running. Only, the thing is it turns out I like running and fitness and exercise, a tiny little bit more than I like food. (I just gasped. I can’t believe I said that.)

[4 Fast and Healthy Recipes]

When I first started this site on Tumblr, and before I discovered Instagram, I was constantly posting my daily meals as healthy inspiration and occasionally posting the recipes for my favorite dishes. (As seen above.)

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