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Hungry Running Recap: Discovering Central Park

This week I realized that living in New York City is going to be a huge test to my patience. One big, huge test, mostly being administered by tourists. Because […]

Hungry Running Recap: 6 Miles on Saturdays

Saturdays were made for running 6 miles. At least that’s what I’ve discovered since moving to Manhattan. I mean, the loop around Central Park is almost exactly a 10K, so […]

Hungry Running Recap: New York Runners In Support of Staten Island

At 8:30AM this morning, Breanne and I boarded the Staten Island Ferry with about 1,000 other runners from all over the world (That’s right. Not just runners from New York. […]

Hungry Running Recap: Playing the Pedestrian Game

I ran in Central Park again today. I clocked 3 miles in about 27 minutes. Generally speaking, consistently holding a 9:16 minute mile is pretty speedy for me. Especially since […]

Hungry Running Recap: I Don’t Do Anything But Run

“I don’t do anything but run.” That’s what Alicia said to me about eight miles into her 10-mile Central Park training run, as we chatted about Gu gel, and water […]

Eating Healthy on a Budget

One time, someone told me that eating healthy was “too expensive.”

Wait. Just kidding. That’s happened a lot more times than one.

One time, I proved all of the naysayers completely and utterly wrong.

Oh wait. Just kidding again. That didn’t happen just one time. Because I prove them all wrong every Sunday when Breanne and I go food shopping and spend only $40-$55 for an entire weeks worth of food, for two people. Individually, that’s about $20-$25 per week on groceries. That’s $80-$100 per month. Even better, that’s just $2-$4 per day for 3 big, healthy, wholesome meals… AND snacks! Lots of snacks!

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