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Hungry Running Recap: 5 Miles on Thanksgiving

Remember when I said I was taking a break from running this week?

Yeah, that lasted all of 3 days.

I mean, I sort of knew that I’d end up caving in and going for a Thanksgiving Day run and I blame my favorite running trails. They are less than a mile away from my hometown house and I really don’t think I’ll ever be able to pass up the opportunity to take to them with my running shoes when I’m home visiting my family. Read More

Hungry Running Recap: 6 Miles on Saturdays

Saturdays were made for running 6 miles. At least that’s what I’ve discovered since moving to Manhattan. I mean, the loop around Central Park is almost exactly a 10K, so why wouldn’t I run around it every weekend, right? Read More

How to Choose Running Shoes: Your Guide to Finding the Right Pair of Sneakers

Running: we all know that it’s awesome. Duh! But without the right pair of sneaks for your feet, it can quickly become very “not awesome” and wreck havoc on your poor little leg muscles. Just kidding, we all know that no runner has “little leg” muscles.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, having a good pair of running sneakers, that are a good fit for the unique shape of your feet, and that work well with the way that you run, is important for injury prevention and maintaining good form throughout your entire body while you run Read More

Hungry Running Recap: I Don’t Do Anything But Run

“I don’t do anything but run.”

That’s what Alicia said to me about eight miles into her 10-mile Central Park training run, as we chatted about Gu gel, and water belts, and other running gadgets.

What an awesome mantra, right? Remember that next time you go out for a run. Don’t think. Don’t struggle. Don’t dread any of the miles ahead. Just run. Read More

Hungry Running Recap: Hamptons Half Marathon

hamptons half marathon hungry runner

13.1 miles, round two DONE!

I can officially say that I’ve completed my second ever half marathon. Read More

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