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Famous, Fluffy Banana-raisin Oatmeal

Here it is. The moment you’ve all been waiting for.

Ok I’m exaggerating a little. Not all of you have been waiting. Or at least you just didn’t know that you were waiting for this.

But if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that this has been a highly requested recipe, and it’s been a long time coming.

Almost every morning I post a photo of my breakfast on Instagram. Almost every morning it consists of a big, gratuitously-topped bowl or jar of oatmeal. Almost every morning, at least one of you leaves a comment asking me for the recipe.

So now, once and for all, I’m finally going to tell you step by step, ingredient by ingredient exactly how to make a bowl of Hungry Runner’s Famous, Fluffy Banana-Raisin Oatmeal.

But first, I have a confession to make. I used to be a cereal fiend. My day just didn’t feel right unless I started my morning with a bowl of cereal like Kashi Autumn Wheat or Honey Bunches of Oats. The only problem with that habit was that I usually needed to eat 2 or 3 bowls before I felt satisfied. Which meant I would typically eat much more than the designated serving size and also had no idea that it’s kind of a bad idea to start off your day with a bowl filled of mostly refined sugar. Nor did I really have any idea that that was basically what I was eating. I mean like, Kashi…Honey Bunches of Oats… They make it seem so healthy!

No wonder it never kept me full for much more than an hour or two. A meal made of refined grains, sugar and hardly any protein is just no way start the day.

But a big bowl of fiber-filled oatmeal, maybe mixed with some fruit, ground flaxseed, and peanut butter; there’s practically no better thing to wake your body up with. Nutritionally and like, just in general… Because it just tastes so darn good, ya know?

I don’t remember exactly when I made the switch from cereal to oatmeal, but it was a better understanding of basic nutrition that led me to do so. And every day I thank the Breakfast Gods that I made the switch. Even though I am just a little bit mad that it took me about 20 years of living on this earth to discover such a wondrous breakfast food.

This recipe has been about a year in the making. One whole year of making oatmeal for breakfast almost every single day. One whole year of tweaking and fine-tuning each ingredient until I finally developed The Perfect Bowl of Oatmeal.

Now, my favorite flavor of oatmeal (the flavor that I make most mornings) is Banana-Raisin. This is the flavor I’m sharing with you in the recipe today. However this is just one of thousands (maybe millions?!) of ways you can flavor your oatmeal. I plan on experimenting with more fruits and flavors in the future, and when I do I promise to share those here with you too. But for today, lets make some banana-raisin oatmeal, Hungry Runner style!

So without further ado, I FINALLY present to you, Hungry Runner’s Famous, Fluffy Banana-raisin Oatmeal.


1/2 cup oats (I normally use quick oats, but old-fashioned oats work great too.)

2 tablespoons ground flaxseed

3-4 dashes of cinnamon (I’ve never measured out a specific amount of cinnamon. I just give the bottle 3-4 good, hard shakes over the oats. AKA I like a lot of a cinnamon. Dash at your own discretion.)

1/4 cup raisins

2 scoops plain, non-fat Greek or regular yogurt (Greek yogurt is just a tiny bit more tart, however I don’t find that it effects the overall taste of the final product. Also, I’ve never used a measuring spoon to measure the yogurt when I add it. I use a household “table spoon” to add two generous “scoops.” This makes it creamy and fluffy. The more yogurt you add, the creamier it will be. If you use regular yogurt, it is typically more watery and less thick than Greek, which means you can slightly decrease the amount of liquid in steps 4-5.)

1 large banana

1/2 -2/3 cup unsweetened, vanilla almond milk

2 tablespoons peanut butter


1. In a microwaveable bow, mix together the oats, flax seed and cinnamon.

2. Next add the raisins and yogurt.

3. Slice up 1/3 of the banana. Cut the slices in half to form smaller pieces and then add them to the oatmeal mixture.

4. Pour in 1/2 cup almond milk and stir everything together well until the yogurt is completely blended.

5. Depending on what kind of yogurt you used, if the mixture seems dry add more almond milk or water. (If you use more almond milk the oatmeal will turn out a bit creamier, however I typically add water at this step and it doesn’t seem to make a huge difference.) You want to add enough liquid so that the mixture is almost soupy, but not so much that it is completely drowning.

6. Microwave for 1:30- 2 minutes (I usually stop the microwave halfway through and stir), until most of the moisture is absorbed. If you heat it for too long and it becomes dry and bread-like, just add a small amount of almond milk or water and stir.

7. Slice up the rest of the banana.

8. When the oatmeal is ready add the banana slices and peanut butter. (For a drizzled peanut butter effect, dip a fork into creamy peanut butter that is very soft and hold it over the bowl, flicking it back and forth very gently. Otherwise you can just add it to the top using a spoon, wait for it to soften a bit, and then mix it right in.

9. Add additional toppings if desired. My favorite clean toppings are any of Bob’s Red Mill Granola flavors, Wheat Germ, and almonds. My favorite non-clean toppings are graham crackers and chocolate chips ;)

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