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Hungry Runner’s Holiday Giveaway Bonanza!

holiday giveaway bonanza

I have one question for all of you and it’s an important one.

It’s come time for me to launch my first ever Holiday Giveaway Bonanza and I need to know, ARE. YOU. READY?

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What to Wear for a Marathon + a Skirts Sports Giveaway [Closed]

Me in my Skirt Sports Jette Skirt during the 2014 NYC Marathon.

No matter what the weather forecast or what time of year, trying to figure out what to wear for a marathon can be a huge source of stress. Not only do you have to spend 16 weeks training to run a 26.2-mile race, but you have to decide what to wear on race day, too? That’s just bonkers! No one needs that much stress in their lives.

But if you sign up to run a marathon, you will eventually have to deal with choosing what to wear on race day, so let’s talk some general tips. (Oh and don’t worry, all of the stress is totally worth it in the end.)

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What to Eat Before Running – Fuel Box Giveaway from The Feed


One of the questions about running that I get most frequently from readers on Instagram and Tumblr is, “What do you eat before running?”

This is a great question, because eating the right foods at the right times before your workouts can greatly improve your performance. So today, I’ll answer this question in detail for you all!

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Run or Ride: Win a Gulf Coast Interstate Relay Entry!

This post is sponsored by the Gulf Coast Interstate Relay.

April 4th, 2014 will mark the start of the second ever Gulf Sate Interstate Relay. Last year, it was the first ever “run or ride” overnight relay race that coursed through four states (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida) and over 263 miles. Participants form teams and choose to either run or ride (your whole team can only pick one way to race, though), and then spend an entire weekend relay racing from New Orleans all the way to Pensacola Beach.

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3 Reasons Every Runner Should Try Barre + a Skirt Sports Giveaway!

[image via Flickr/StudioBarre]

If I ate a cupcake for every time someone had asked me if I’d ever taken a Barre class over the past year or so, well (if it’s even possible) I’d be REALLY sick of cupcakes by now. What was even more annoying than constantly being questioned about the exercise fad, though, was the fact that I had never given it a go. I had no opinion to offer those who were questioning curiously.

Thanks to my membership at the NYC Reebok Sports Club (courtesy of FitFluential) and my new exercise schedule that makes group ex classes ideal, I no longer have to answer The Barre Question with a “no.” I’ve finally boarded the Barre bandwagon and if you ask me if I’ve ever tried it and what I think of it, I’ll happily throw some thoughts at you. Including the following lists of reasons why Barre is a particularly great exercise for runners.

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