3 Reasons Every Runner Should Try Barre + A Skirt Sports Giveaway! [CLOSED]

[image via Flickr/StudioBarre] If I ate a cupcake for every time someone had asked me if I'd ever taken a Barre class over the past year or so, well (if it's even possible) I'd be REALLY sick of cupcakes by now. What was even more annoying than constantly being questioned about the exercise fad, though, was the fact that I had never given it a go. I had no opinion to offer those who were questioning curiously. Thanks to my membership at the NYC Reebok Sports Club (courtesy of FitFluential) and my new exercise schedule that makes group ex classes ideal, I no longer have to answer The Barre Question with a "no." I've finally boarded the Barre bandwagon and if you ask me if I've ever tried it and what I think of it, I'll happily throw some thoughts at you. Including the following lists of reasons why Barre is a particularly great exercise for runners.

Frog Fuel Liquid Protein Review And Giveaway [CLOSED]

*This post is sponsored by Frog Fuel Frog Performance. Frog Fuel, is a playfully named, protein-packed energy gel supplement. Now, if the words "energy gel supplement" sound gimmicky to you, just relax and delete from your head any negative connotations that those words might conjure. You know me. You know I don't do supplements unless they're totally natural and are going to be beneficial to the body. Frog Fuel is both of those things.