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The Importance of Protecting Your Bone Density

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After finishing the Scranton Half Marathon two weekends ago I promptly stuffed my face with 7 orange slices and a chewy bar and then I called my mom.

I let her know how the run went and told her that it was a lot of fun; typical post-race fodder. Then she started talking about her day. She told me she skipped the appointment she had scheduled for a bone density test because a friend told her she didn’t need to get that checked yet. I started ranting.

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A Day in the Life of a Hungry Runner


Since I transitioned from personal training to my job at The Active Times about 5 months ago, my daily schedule and routine has changed pretty drastically.

I used to work at the gym, so finding time for exercise was much less challenging… Since I was already there and all, you know? Also, my schedule was a bit more flexible, which made it easier to make time for preparing healthy meals ahead of time.

Now I spend most of my time in the office, which means exercise and meal prep has to happen outside of the 9-5. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve slowly built a new routine that allows me to maintain most of my healthy habits. The following is a quick breakdown of what my typical day is like. When I run, what I eat, and even how I relax and unwind.

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Armour39 Fitness and Heart Rate Monitor Review

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Under Armour.

It’s official. I have become the ultimate exercise gear junkie. From sneakers and apparel to headphones and heart rate monitors, I’m a little bit obsessed with trying out the latest and greatest.

Most recently, I’ve been putting the new Armour39 Fitness and Heart Rate Monitor to the test. According to Under Armour, other heart rate monitors compile results by taking an average of your heart rate data, but the Armour39 monitor tracks every heart beat while you’re working out to give you more accurate results and with your WILLpower number, a sense of how hard you really worked.

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High Intensity Interval Treadmill Workout


Let’s talk about running on the treadmill.

It’s not a very fun thing to do. You feel like a hamster, you have to stare at one thing (usually the time ticking away on the clock) for the entire time, and a pace that might feel somewhat moderate while outdoors sometimes feels like an enormous struggle.

Up until last week I had the pleasure of going several months without having run on a treadmill. But when that polar vortex came along, it really threw my running routine off; To the point where I hadn’t run in almost four days because it was just too damn cold outside.

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Running Roundup: The Best Gifts for Runners and Top Wintertime Running Tips


Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, the holidays are here! In addition to lots of ┬áchilly-weather, wintertime running and enjoying tons of drool-worthy holiday dishes (like stuffing and apple pie) with friends and family, I’ve also been spending a lot of time writing; not just here on Hungry Runner, but also over on The Active Times, too. Which totally makes sense since, you know, that is my job and everything.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about wintertime running like, how to stay motivated, what to wear, and of course during this time of the year, the best gifts for runners. Since I’ve been writing and publishing a lot of articles covering these topics, I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick link roundup here.┬áThe links below include lots and lots of great running and fitness advice. Plus, we just published our complete 2013 Holiday Gift guide with ideas for every type of fitness freak out there. Check it out below!

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3 Reasons Every Runner Should Try Barre + a Skirt Sports Giveaway!

[image via Flickr/StudioBarre]

If I ate a cupcake for every time someone had asked me if I’d ever taken a Barre class over the past year or so, well (if it’s even possible) I’d be REALLY sick of cupcakes by now. What was even more annoying than constantly being questioned about the exercise fad, though, was the fact that I had never given it a go. I had no opinion to offer those who were questioning curiously.

Thanks to my membership at the NYC Reebok Sports Club (courtesy of FitFluential) and my new exercise schedule that makes group ex classes ideal, I no longer have to answer The Barre Question with a “no.” I’ve finally boarded the Barre bandwagon and if you ask me if I’ve ever tried it and what I think of it, I’ll happily throw some thoughts at you. Including the following lists of reasons why Barre is a particularly great exercise for runners.

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