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On Being Thankful for Food

Standing at the kitchen counter this morning, I placed my pre-prepared breakfast of overnight oats into my bag as I readied myself to head out the door and catch the 5:37AM train.

But before I switched off the light and left, I decided to grab a piece of the focaccia bread that my roommate had baked the night before. A little extra snack for just in case I got hungry before it was time to head home from work.

I tossed the bread into a plastic Ziplock bag, threw it in my tote, and hurried out the door to the subway station. When I boarded the train I took a seat facing the front of car, placed my travel coffee mug between my knees, reached into my bag for my book, pulled it out, and began to read. Read More

No Food is “Bad” Food

no food is bad food

Food should never be the enemy. Yes, even food that is considered unhealthy shouldn’t be viewed in a negative light, and that’s why this graphic is wrong. Sure, some of the comparisons here offer up choices that are healthier, but no food should ever be thought of as the enemy or completely restricted. Read More

How to Eat Intuitively

principles of intuitive eating

—How to Eat Intuitively—

1. Reject the Diet Mentality: Seriously, just let it go. “Dieting” doesn’t work because there shouldn’t be a finish line when it comes to healthy eating. You’re in it for life. Not just the amount of time it takes to drop two dress sizes. Why is the word “diet” even allowed to have a verb form? It’s a noun, and that’s it. Read More

5 Tips for Eating Healthier on Easter

There’s room for indulgences everyday. I really can’t stress that enough. And there’s especially room for indulgences on holidays like today, when there’s bound to be an array of delicious and decadent foods all around. Instead of getting into the, “I can’t have any of that and I’m only eating lettuce” mindset, let yourself have a little bite of the cake, and the cookies, and the jellybeans without overdoing it and I promise, you’ll be a much, much more pleasant person by the end of the day. (You also won’t be sneaking into your little sister’s Easter basket to secretly stuff your face with Peeps after everyone goes to sleep tonight.) Read More

Eat Drink Smile: Cauliflower Crust Pizza


Full disclosure: this does not taste like pizza in the traditional sense. (Well, duh! The crust is made with cauliflower and not bread.) However, that’s not to say that it didn’t taste perfectly yummy. Read More

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