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On Being Thankful for Food

Standing at the kitchen counter this morning, I placed my pre-prepared breakfast of overnight oats into my bag as I readied myself to head out the door and catch the […]

No Food is “Bad” Food

Food should never be the enemy. Yes, even food that is considered unhealthy shouldn’t be viewed in a negative light, and that’s why this graphic is wrong. Sure, some of […]

How to Eat Intuitively

1. Reject the Diet Mentality: Seriously, just let it go. “Dieting” doesn’t work because there shouldn’t be a finish line when it comes to healthy eating. You’re in it for […]

Healing Through Whole Foods Challenge: Day 7

So, here we are. The last and final day of the 7-Day Whole Foods Challenge. Technically, starting tomorrow this challenge is over. But you know what’s kind of awesome? It’s […]

Healing Through Whole Foods Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 is done! I have to be honest and admit that while the first two days of this challenge were kind of a breeze, today was a struggle. It’s […]

Healing Through Whole Foods Challenge: Day 2

Day numero dos of the challenge and I am feeling g-o-o-d, GOOD! The guidelines that Tara posted were pretty brief, but just to be clear here’s a basic outline of […]

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