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Ice Cream That’s Good for You?

Imagine being really hungry. Like, you just got back from a long run and your stomach is growling for some protein-packed, nutritious replenishment hungry. Now imagine being able to satisfy that kind of hunger with an ice cream bar. Read More

Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Cranberry Muffins


On Thanksgiving, I baked up a batch of The Lean Green Bean’s “Cranberry Sweet Potato Cottage Cheese Muffins” for my family. I didn’t tell anybody what was in them. I just put them on the table and let nature take its course.

The result? Even my grandma, the Queen of Only Eating Highly Sweetened Desserts, ate one and liked it. You don’t know my grandma as well as I do, but I’m telling you right now, the fact that this woman ate one of these and liked it is almost equivalent to the world coming to a crashing end. Read More

Butternut Squash Veggie Pizza

Is it Winter yet? Not really, right? OK good, because I’m still talking about Fall.

Fall and pizza.

Pizza and fall .

These are two of my most favorite things. Which is why this butternut squash topped veggie pizza represents the epitome of so much that I love dearly. Read More

Hungry Running Recap: 5 Miles on Thanksgiving

Remember when I said I was taking a break from running this week?

Yeah, that lasted all of 3 days.

I mean, I sort of knew that I’d end up caving in and going for a Thanksgiving Day run and I blame my favorite running trails. They are less than a mile away from my hometown house and I really don’t think I’ll ever be able to pass up the opportunity to take to them with my running shoes when I’m home visiting my family. Read More

3 Healthy “Junk Food” Recipes

healthy junk food recipes

Pizza and doughnuts and Pop Tarts oh my!

What, you thought I didn’t eat junk food? Ha! Yeah right.

These are three of my favorite foods. And yeah, sometimes you just need to indulge in the real thing, but for all the other times, you can make your own healthier versions at home. Read More

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