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Get in Shape for Summer (and Life): Hungry Runner Style


I have a confession to make.

So you know how I talk a lot about body image and how weight loss shouldn’t be the sole focus of our fitness mission?

Constantly having that message floating around in my brain and constantly writing about it started to make me feel like it would never be OK for weight loss to be a part of my own goals again.

If I’m telling you not to worry about losing weight, then what business do I have trying to lose weight?

But if I’m being honest, and I always will be here, weight loss—or actually, I should say fat loss—is absolutely a part of my goal right now. Read More

Knowing When to Say No


By now most of you know that last month I started a new job as an editor at TheActiveTimes.com. But unless you did some serious snooping, you probably don’t know that The Active Times’ sister site is TheDailyMeal.com. In other words I work in the same office space as The Daily Meal, a site dedicated to all things good food. (I know, it couldn’t be more perfect.)

So, The Daily Meal has this exquisite test kitchen (also located in our office) where the staff is always cooking up recipes and hosting taste tests. It’s amazing. I love it. TDM recently published “The 101 Best Pizzas in America,” and as a staff, the entire media group celebrated the article’s success with afternoon pizza and drinks last Friday (which also happened to be the same day as my birthday). Basically, my new job has sort of come along with many a perks in the form of food.

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Why You Should Never “Go On a Diet” Again

[image by Daisy Fitness]

Fun fact: One of my new favorite Fitness Nerd pastimes is listening to Radio MD‘s “Train Your Body” podcasts while commuting on the subway. You might remember that I mentioned the show here on Hungry Runner back in August when I talked about whether or not walking with weights burns more calories. (And if you don’t remember, or you missed that post, go give it a good read right now because the answer might surprise you. Plus you’ll learn tons of great tips for how to rev up your walking workouts!)

Anyway, every Radio MD segment is hosted by ACSM trainer Melanie Cole, MS. Each week she features a new guest, usually an expert in health, exercise, nutrition, or a related field, and the show is always jam-packed with top-notch health and fitness information. So, since I’ve totally been on a Radio MD podcast-listening binge, and plan to continue the habit for as long as I have to ride the C-Train down to Chelsea everyday, I want to share all of the new healthy living advice and fitness tips that I’m learning here with you on a regular basis. This week the topic is “Diet Burnout.”

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Eat Whatever You Want

[image via Someecards]

Before I get into the real gist of today’s post, I want to start out by saying that this is an updated version of a previous post that I wrote a very long time ago. When I first created Hungry Runner, it was more like a “personal diary” type of blog. I was not certified as a personal trainer at the time and aside from what I had learned from surfing through Tumblr and following a few online fitness personalities, I knew very little about nutrition. Everything I wrote was with good intention, but looking back now, some of my thoughts were a little skewed and not the most well-informed. Which is why over the next few months (in addition to fresh, new content!), I’ll be re-adressing some of my older posts. I’ll be looking back on and re-writing entries that include content I feel mis-represents the main message that Hungry Runner has grown to embody, which is to find fun in fitness, eat well, and be happy. With that being said, now let’s have a little chat about food and healthy eating habits.

– Eat Whatever You Want –

Eat whatever you want and still lose weight!” This is the catch phrase and slogan of so many unreliable fad diets and every time I hear it, it makes me think, could someone really “eat whatever they want” and still achieve their goals? My initial reaction to this notion was absolutely not. When I thought about it, it seemed completely ridiculous. I thought “It’s an extremely misleading and completely unhelpful idea for people who want to make healthy changes to their lifestyle but don’t know how do so effectively.”

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Food Finds Friday: My Top 3 Tips for Finding Healthy Bread at the Grocery Store

Another Friday, another food find! I found a really great bread variety at Trader Joe’s this week. So good, I’ve deemed it worthy of sharing on today’s Food Find’s Friday video.

Check out this week’s video to find out which bread from Trader Joe’s I’m totally digging this week and to learn my top three tips for finding the healthiest bread at the grocery store. You know, I don’t just pick a loaf because I think it will taste good. (Although that definitely is a factor that needs to be weighed in ;))

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