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Elephant Parade Tea Set Giveaway: And the Winner Is…

Many Hungry Readers entered, but only one could win… I’m so excited to announce that the lucky winner of ‘Elephant Parade’ Tea Set Giveaway is Brooklyn based running coach duo […]

Hungry Running Recap: 5 Miles on Thanksgiving

Remember when I said I was taking a break from running this week? Yeah, that lasted all of 3 days. I mean, I sort of knew that I’d end up […]

Hungry Running Recap: 6 Miles on Saturdays

Saturdays were made for running 6 miles. At least that’s what I’ve discovered since moving to Manhattan. I mean, the loop around Central Park is almost exactly a 10K, so […]

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

Thanksgiving. Hanukkah. Christmas. New Years Eve. Yes, all of these spectacular holidays are right around the corner. And yes, just like most other holidays, all of these tend to revolve […]

NYC Marathon Cancelled: Let’s Stop Arguing and Start Volunteering

All week we’ve been arguing over Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to continue with the New York City Marathon. Some argued it would boost the city’s morale and help maintain a sense […]

Hungry Running Recap: The Last Run Before the Storm

You know, its amazing. I’ve been trapped inside for… what is it? (Tilts head up and stops to count on fingers.) Going on, oh, five days now and it’s taken […]

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