An Easy Way to Find More Time for Exercise

I'm only a morning person when running is involved

I have this problem. Lately I’ve been a big fan of pressing the snooze button when my alarm goes off in the morning, especially if I’m not planning on running.

Maybe that sounds crazy, but if I don’t have the promise of an early morning run to look forward too, then I’m entirely less enticed to wake up early for a workout, and since up until very recently the weather had STILL been much less stellar, there hadn’t been many opportunities for running with the sunrise.

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CityRow Sprint for 30 Challenge


I’m nervous, excited, curious, and most of all…. Ready to sweat!


Because all through the month of May I’ll be channeling my inner Frank Underwood since the majority of my workouts will take place at CityRow, a new exercise studio here in New York that offers high intensity exercise sessions centered around, you guessed it, the rowing machine.

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Healthy Dinner Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper Pasta with Peach Salsa


When I shared this meal on Instagram two days ago, I wrote: “Think I May have to put this dinner up as a recipe on the blog! There’s one super secret ingredient in here that made this one of the best meals I’ve made in a while!”

So now here I am, sharing this meal that I made on a total whim with all of you! The funny thing is, my secret ingredient was a total impulse buy. Trader Joe’s always gets me.

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The Importance of Protecting Your Bone Density

(image via Flickr/rachelrusinski)

After finishing the Scranton Half Marathon two weekends ago I promptly stuffed my face with 7 orange slices and a chewy bar and then I called my mom.

I let her know how the run went and told her that it was a lot of fun; typical post-race fodder. Then she started talking about her day. She told me she skipped the appointment she had scheduled for a bone density test because a friend told her she didn’t need to get that checked yet. I started ranting.

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This Is Why I Run


The first order of business after finishing the Scranton Half Marathon yesterday: a burger and a beer.

The second order of business: a nap. While I was taking that nap, my grandma called me to find out not how my race went, but why I ran it.

After waking up I listened to the voicemail she left for me. “Hi Kate, it’s Nana” she said. “Mom said you ran today. I… I wanted to know, why do you do this? What did you run for? Is there a prize? Can you win something?” She asked. “Call me back later. Bye.

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The Week Before Your Half Marathon

The last training run before the race.

It takes about 12 weeks to get half marathon ready. You run and run and run, and eat and eat and eat, building up your endurance and fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to perform at it’s best.

All of that hard work and dedication  is a build up to race day, and while by the final week before your race most of the work is behind you, this point in your training is just as important (if not more) as all the rest.

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