Homemade Apple Pie Recipe


At the dinner table, stuffing is the usually always the highlight of my Thanksgiving plate. And at the dessert table, well at the dessert table anyone who knows anything about baked goods knows that it’s all about the apple pie.

Last week I successfully accomplished the task of creating my own homemade stuffing recipe. That dish is relatively quick and easy to make, which is just my style and one reason why I now love it even more.

But apple pie, authentic, made-from-scratch crust, homemade apple pie… That takes a little bit more work. I always assumed that making a pie crust was something I never really wanted to try tackling simply because I don’t have much patience in the kitchen. I’d rather just wave a wand and have the pie magically appear before me, you know?

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4 Things You Should Never Forget Before a Long-Run

Fun story: I forgot two of these important things before I headed out for my long run this morning. At least I got it half right.

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A Stuffing Story: Cranberry-Walnut Garlic Stuffing Recipe


This post is sponsored by the Grain Foods Foundation.

I love bread. I love everything about it and everything that you can make with it. Pizza, sandwiches, cookies, pretzels, bagels, cupcakes, pies, garlic knots; let’s just face it, all the best foods are grain-based. Well at least all of my favorite foods are.

Except, it seems like everybody is sort of hating on grains these days. In fact, one time I was challenged by a doctor to cut them out of my diet for a week, and I did. After that week, I swore that I felt more amazing than ever and I said that I wasn’t going to eat them as much anymore.

Confession: That lasted for about a day. It’s just not a dietary habit that works well for me because, as many of you know, I’m of the school that encourages eating what you want, when you want. And more often than not, I just want some damn bread.¬†During that weeklong challenge I wrote about how I thought I felt less tired and groggy without grains, but looking back (and now that I’ve reintroduced them back into my diet) I think that was just a placebo effect. I’ve been eating plenty of grain-based foods regularly (and also running more too) and right now I feel pretty darn great. So personally, especially as a runner who needs plenty of complex carbs, I see no reason to exclude them from my diet.

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4 Tips for Trail Running & What To Do If You Encounter a Big, Scary Deer


Over the weekend I went out to Long Island to visit my family. Well, at least that’s what they think I came for. Really it was because the tree-lined, dirt running trails in the park across the road from my neighborhood have been calling my name. (Totally kidding! I came for both.) I love running in the city, but I’ve been missing these trails like crazy.

On Saturday morning, after fueling up with some apple slices, a bit of peanut butter, and of course, a Pop Tart (Found them in my mom’s pantry. Score!) I laced up my sneakers and headed straight for the park. Before this weekend, I can hardly even remember the last time I ran these trails.

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Run or Ride: Win a Gulf Coast Interstate Relay Entry!

This post is sponsored by the Gulf Coast Interstate Relay.

April 4th, 2014 will mark the start of the second ever Gulf Sate Interstate Relay. Last year, it was the first ever “run or ride” overnight relay race that coursed through four states (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida) and over 263 miles. Participants form teams and choose to either run or ride (your whole team can only pick one way to race, though), and then spend an entire weekend relay racing from New Orleans all the way to Pensacola Beach.

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GoBites Snack Pack Giveaway!


It’s no secret that I love snacks. If you follow my Instagram feed, you’ll find this fact is quite apparent.

Right now, some of my favorites snacks include, red pepper slices dipped in Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt spinach and kale dip, homemade pumpkin muffins, trail mix (like salted cashews with raisins), and air popped popcorn with coconut oil and cinnamon. Oh and for an alternative to the classic peanut butter and banana combo, I’ve recently been spreading cookie butter (also from Trader Joe’s) on my bananas. It’s superbly sweet and tastes like cake, but it’s a lot better for you. (Well the banana is at least.)

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