I Tried a New Exercise: Dance Class with Vanessa Vassallo

This post is part of the four-part series “Finding the Fun in Fitness with Reebok.”

Here’s my number one piece of fitness advice to you this week: if you’ve been wanting to try some new exercise class or studio, but have been putting it off because you are scared to be the “newbie,” or terrified of embarrassing yourself, let go of all of those excuses and just do it!

That’s the approach that I took when I finally decided to sign up for the dance class with professional dancer and Reebok rand ambassador Vanessa Vassalo at the Reebok Women’s Fitness and Lifestyle Event last month. And guess what? I didn’t die of embarrassment. (I just slightly suffered :P)

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Confessions of a Tea Lover

I drink a lot of tea. At least 2-3 cups a day. Usually after breakfast, always after a long run, and most nights after dinner. Tea contains tons of antioxidants, is great for our digestive systems, and depending on the blend, can even help promote healthy functioning of certain organs.

Since I love tea soooo much, and I consider it a part of my health and fitness routine just as much as I do running or Yoga, today I want to share some of my favorite tea blends from The Republic of Tea. It was their Red Velvet Chocolate blend that caught my attention and drew me right to their sample station at Food Fete. Just one sip and I was sold.

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Be A Kind Runner

The running community is made up of some of the kindest, most charitable people I know. Whether it’s cheering fellow runners on at a race or running to raise money for a good cause, I can’t think of a time when any runner I know wasn’t willing to lend a helping hand.

Today, KindRunner.com, a brand that completely embodies the giving spirit of the running community, has launched their site for the very first time. Two weeks ago I gave you all a sneak peek into what they’ll be doing and announced that I’ll be partnering with them as a Kind Runner Ambassador!

Now that their site is live and ready for you to take over, I want to give you guys all of the good details about how awesome this program is going to be.

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Coconut-Tangerine Kale Smoothie

When I made my vow to give up oatmeal for breakfast last week, I was forced to come up with a healthy replacement for my morning meal. Oatmeal was what I ate for breakfast everyday. And since I’m usually out the door by 6AM, I had packing it for on-the-go down to a science. So, I wondered, what else could I possibly pack with me that would be just as tasty, wholesome, and satisfying?
Then it came to me! A SMOOTHIE! I love smoothies. They’re so easy to make and, if concocted with the right ingredients, full of essential vitamins and minerals that help keep you focused and energized in the morning.

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May 2013 Running Playlist


Thanks to a hip injury, I hardly got to run in the month of May. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been listening to music and scouting out new songs to run to for when I’m finally able to get back out on the pavement. Read More

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