Chocoalte Covered Katie: 1-Minute Microwave Coffee Cake

1-Minute Microwave Coffee Cake by Chocolate Covered Katie When you need to indulge your sweet tooth after dinner, do it the healthy way. Do it the Chocolate Covered Katie way… […]

Mega Healthy Prize Pack Giveaway Winner!

Lady’s and gents, we have a winner! The lucky recipient of my Mega Healthy Prize Pack Giveaway is… Julie! This is Julie! Everybody say, “Congrats Julie!” Thanks to Goodness Knows, […]

Chunky Vegetable Paella

If there’s one thing you should know about me by now, it’s that my favorite kinds of meals are the kind that require the least amount of time to prepare. […]

Upper Body Blast + Core Killer Workout

Get ready to feel the burn, kids! This upper body resistance routine is designed to target your back and bicep muscles. Plus, I threw in a little added challenge in […]

Why We Need to Ditch the Diet Mentality & Put an End to Fat Shaming

Let’s have a little chat about diet books and fad diets. They don’t work. End of discussion. OK, just kidding. Maybe there’s a little bit more to be said. Maybe […]

Black Bean Veggie Wraps with Avocado Cream Dressing

This recipe is the very first dinner my roommate Breanne and I made in our apartment together. We’re not messing around with the whole healthy eating thing here. Even upon […]

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