Workout Wednesday: Yoga Stretch For Runners

It’s Wednesday and it’s time to workout, Hungry Readers!

OK, well actually, this week we’re taking it easy and keeping it low key with a yoga-based stretching routine. These are the series of stretches that I do after I get back from a run. And even if you’re not a runner, this is a great routine to incorporate into your fitness regimen for improving and maintain flexibility, which is equally as important as strength and endurance. Read More

A Week Of Healthy Eats: Instagram Recipe Roundup

My week in healthy eats. Here’s your weekly roundup of recipes for some of the meals I made over the past 7 days!

Read More

Link Love: My Favorite Health And Fitness Reads This Week

Hey Hungry Readers! I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.

Many of you may not know this about me, but I LOVE to read. Books, magazines, the Internet… anything I can get my hands on. Over the course of a week, I come across a lot of informative, thought provoking, and funny content while I’m surfing the web. I want to spread more knowledge, ignite more conversations, and make you laugh more. So, at the end of the week, I’ll share my favorites here with you.

Above is my favorite motivational graphic from this week. (It’s so true right?!) And below are my favorite links from around the web! Read More

Favorite Food Finds Friday: My Healthy Mayo Alternative

Happy Friday, Hungry Readers! Who’s ready to celebrate the weekend?! I certainly am! To kick it off, here are my top three favorite foods from this week including my favorite protein bars and my latest and greatest healthier alternative to mayonnaise. (I LOVE sandwiches!) Read More

Workout Wednesday: Sexy STRONG Shoulders Workout

From now on, Wednesdays are for workouts on Hungry Runner!

You’re lucky that I decided to kick this new trend off this week, because after I put this video together I was kind of disappointed with the sound quality and lighting. But I decided that even though one of my goals is to work on creating better quality videos, this one is still totally worthy because this is a KICK-BUTT workout! Read More

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