Slim Shoulders and Legs for Summer! SSBC Week 7 Workout

Here we go! This is our Week 7 workout.

Can you all believe it?! At the end of this week we’ll be HALFWAY through our 14-week boot camp. Seven weeks went by fast, and I’m sure the next seven will go by even quicker. That means summer is so, so close! Everyone cheer with me…WOOHOO!

OK, we’re done cheering now. Because it’s time to workout! Complete this video three times through any time the Week 7 Workout is scheduled on our April Workout Calendar, which you can find below. Read More

Is it Healthy? Hint Water

I’m weird. I really don’t ever crave flavored drinks like sodas or juices the way that many people do.

I know some people who would rather die of thirst than drink regular, plain, boring water. OK, I’m totally exaggerating with with the “die of thirst” thing. But seriously, I know some people who hate water a lot. Which is really not a good thing, since you know, we need it to survive.

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Hungry Running Recap: So, I’m running a half marathon next weekend!

That’s right. Next weekend. Me. 13 miles. I decided last night that I wanted to do it. I’ve been debating about the More/Fitness Magazine Half-Marathon for months now. Every time I open the latest issue of Fitness Magazine and see the ad for it I’m like, “Yeah! I really want to do that!” but for some reason I just never signed up. Well, now I did! And I’m so ready to run.

This year is the race’s 10th anniversary, it takes place in Central Park, and it’s one of the largest all-women’s half-marathons in the country. Ummmm, sweet! Sounds like a good time to me.

So, crazy me. Signing up for 13-mile races two weeks before their start. Good thing I’ve been running a lot lately! In fact, I’ve been running so much that I’ve hardly had any time to write about it. I’ll make up for some of that now.

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Total Body Power Pyramid Workout: SSBC Week 6 and Our April Workout Calendar

Here we go! This is our Week 6 workout for the Summertime Slim-down Boot Camp. It’s a pyramid style workout with four different body weight exercises. You’ll repeat four rounds of each exercise, increasing the number of reps with each round. In other words, you’ll really be feeling the burn by round four. No pain, no gain. That’s how the saying goes and it’s the truth. So, lace up your sneakers and give it everything you’ve got. There’s no equipment needed for this workout.

If you’re just joining the Boot Camp now, welcome! Anytime is a good time to start. You can find links to all the previous workouts below.

Also, below is our April workout calendar. Pin it, print it, hang it somewhere you will see it and remember to get your scheduled sweat sessions in. This challenge is just as much about learning to fit exercise into your schedule as it is getting in shape.


Previous Week’s Workouts:

Week 1′s Workout

Week 2′s Workout

Week 3′s Workout

Week 4′s Workout

Week 5’s Workout

Now, we’ve got our Week 6 Workout on the schedule for today, April 1st. (That’s no April Fool’s Day joke :P) Go ahead and get to it! Let me know what you think in the comments below when you’re done!

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March 2013 Running Playlist


First things first. If you’re wondering what the heck happened to my February 2013 running playlist, last month, I shared it exclusively to my Tumblr page. But rest assured that I did not skip a month of new running music. It exists. You can find it, subscribe, and listen to your hearts content by clicking the link above.

Now, February is long gone and somehow we’re through with March as well. Another month, another slew of really fun songs to run to! My March running playlist is listed below as well as a link where you can subscribe and listen via Spotify. Happy running!

  1. Next to Me – Emili Sande
  2. Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
  3. Stubborn Love- The Lumineers
  4. Gold- Britt Nicole
  5. Battle Scars- Lupe Fiasco
  6. Alive- Krewella
  7. On to the Next One- Jay-Z
  8. Stupid Grin- Dragonette
  9. I’m Not Your Toy- La Roux
  10. Drinking From the Bottle- Calvin Harris
  11. Pompeii- Bastille
  12. X You- Avicci

Click here to listen and subscribe on Spotify

What songs have you been listening to while you run or workout? Let me know in the comments below! Read More

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