On Being Thankful for Food

Standing at the kitchen counter this morning, I placed my pre-prepared breakfast of overnight oats into my bag as I readied myself to head out the door and catch the […]

Veggie-Stuffed Black Bean Burgers

“We need to make black bean burgers for dinner tonight,” my roommate Breanne exclaimed to me early one Friday morning. “I keep passing by this vegetarian food truck that has […]

Running Playlist: September 2012

Running Playlist: September 2012 Today, October 1st, is a very important date. Do you know why? No? Okay well, I’ll tell you. It’s very important because it marks the very […]

Hungry Running Recap: Hamptons Half Marathon

  13.1 miles, round two DONE! I can officially say that I’ve completed my second ever half marathon. First I have to say, what a gorgeous race course this was! […]

Hungry Runner Half Marathon Pump-up Playlist

The first time I ran a half marathon, I did it without music This time around, I was made aware of the fact (by way of previously running a half […]

1 Week to Race Day: Top 5 Tips to Prep for a Marathon

Marathons (a half or a full), despite what Barney Stinson might think, you can’t just wake up one day and decide to run a 13+ mile race. If you want […]

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