Lemon-Basil Shrimp And Veggies

Even though I sort of really don’t like Dr. Oz and his show (for reasons which I will not get into now, but maybe later on in a separate blog post), sometimes, on those days where I’m really pooped, and I get home from work feeling incapable of doing anything other than collapsing onto the couch and becoming a vegetable in front of the TV (a rare occurrence, but yes it happens), I watch his show.

I mean, he shouldn’t feel special or anything. I only have basic cable, (Netflix is where it’s at! Except for when I’m too lazy to do anything but hit the power button.) so at 4 o’clock in the afternoon I get to choose from the stellar line up between him, The People’s Court, and Wendy Williams. Usually I go with The Great and powerful Oz just so that I can check out what fad diet or miracle pill he’s touting this week and roll my eyes while I yell at him through the TV. Read More

Finding Beauty In Strength With CrossFit

[Box jumping! Photo courtesey of Reebok.]

This post is part of the four-part series “Finding the Fun in Fitness with Reebok.”

Maybe being greeted by two elite CrossFit athletes as a prelude to your first ever CrossFit workout sounds a bit intimidating. But such was exactly how my first ever CrossFit experience began at the Reebok Women’s Fitness and Lifestyle Event, and it was anything but that.

Upon our arrival to the 5th Avenue studio, a small group of other fitness bloggers and I were greeted by Christmas Abbot and Annie Sakamotto, two well-known, elite CrossFit competitors. Both shared inspiring stories about how they found strength, courage, passion, and beauty through fitness and CrossFit. Read More

Hungry Running Recap: Oakley Mini 10K

To be honest, I was a little nervous about this race. Sure, I’ve run plenty of 10k races before, but never just after recovering from an injury. Never just after having taken a three-week break from running. Even though I had successfully run a few short, pain-free runs in the week leading up to the race, I was still nervous that I would agitate my hip and that my injury might return. Read More

Healthy Breakfast On-The-Go: Better Oats ‘Raw Pure & Simple’ Review

{Famous, Fluffy Banana-raisin Oatmeal}

It’s no secret that I love oatmeal. In fact, it’s more like a very widely known fact that I broadcast to the entire world on a daily basis. Before I was challenged to go without it for a week, I ate it for breakfast almost everyday, even when I was on-the-go.

After surviving that oatmeal-less week, my oatmeal consumption has lessened quite a bit. But that doesn’t mean I’ve eliminated it from my life completely, that would just be absurd. The fact of the matter is, that it still makes for a great breakfast you can carry out the door with you.

If I have early morning sessions and need to pack an on-the-go breakfast, sometimes I’ll prep a jar of overnight oats the night before. I do that simply by preparing my oatmeal the same way I would on a regular morning, except I prepare it in a jar, and stash it in the fridge overnight instead of heating it up right away. This is super convenient because instead of packing all of the individual ingredients needed to make my oatmeal (and I use a lot of stuff!), in the morning I just grab the jar, toss it in my bag, and when I’m ready for breakfast I just throw it in the microwave and eat.

However, at Food Fete, I was introduced to Better Oats, whose sampling station I was obviously immediately attracted to (hello, they have the word oats in their name!), and they just so happened to help me re-think the way I’ve been thinking about prepping oats for on-the-go. Read More

Hungry Running Recap: I’m Back In The Game!

[image via]

I have good news. And even though I’m the only person who will be directly effected by this uplifting turn of events, I figured you all might still want to hear about it anyway.

Do you want to hear? OK. I’ll spill.

I can run again! (If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know this. Don’t you feel cool?) Read More

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