It’s Not Fair To Compare


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Everybody does it. We compare ourselves to our friends, coworkers, and peers, probably almost on a daily basis, but for what?

We compare our accomplishments, our clothes, our race times, our relationship statuses, our degrees and alma matters, and even our bodies to those of others and it usually doesn’t get us anywhere but down in the dumps.

Over the weekend, as I was walking along the Hudson, getting ready to watch the Macy’s fireworks show, I found myself doing it. Comparing my modest, small-windowed apartment that has no waterfront view, to the wide-windowed homes of the most affluent New Yorkers who were gathering on their high-rise terraces, getting ready to watch the show. I thought about how cool it must be to have your own, private waterfront balcony. How lucky they were to be able to watch the fireworks from the comfort of their own luxurious homes.

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Favorite Food Finds Friday: Hungry Runner’s Favorite Healthy Snacks!

Hit play on this week’s Favorite Food Finds video to find out what kind of healthy eats have been hanging out in my kitchen this week… Including two new healthy snacks that totally blew my mind when I discovered them at Food Fete on Monday. Read More

If She’s Real, Then Am I Fake?


Raise your hand if you came across some media piece about the recreation of Barbie as a “normal-sized” woman either yesterday or today. My hand is raised. I’d probably bet money that yours is too. (And if it’s not, then just know that this story sort of went viral yesterday.)

So, I’ll agree that what the artist did here offers some nice perspective, because there’s no doubting that Barbie’s proportions are a bit unrealistic. But the way that the media has picked up this story is a huge problem. Almost every title and headline dubs the new Barbie as “real” or “normal,” which by deductive reasoning I’ve come to conclude means that anyone who doesn’t look like the newly proportioned Barbie, is either non-existant or abnormal. Hmm… Read More

Frog Fuel Liquid Protein Review And Giveaway

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Frog Fuel, is a playfully named, protein-packed energy gel supplement. Now, if the words “energy gel supplement” sound gimmicky to you, just relax and delete from your head any negative connotations that those words might conjure. You know me. You know I don’t do supplements unless they’re totally natural and are going to be beneficial to the body. Frog Fuel is both of those things. Read More

June 2013 Running Playlist

Where as last month didn’t involve much running at all for me, this hot, humid, and sweaty month definitely did. And even though the summer weather has been pretty brutal, I enjoyed every single second of it. When the sun is hot and the air is thick, conditions that make a less than ideal environment for running, I especially need a good playlist of motivating songs that can carry me through a few miles that I might otherwise have given up on due to getting overly hot and sweaty.

These are the twelves songs that helped keep me motivated through this extra-sweaty first month of summer running. Click the image or the link below to listen and subscribe on Spotify. Read More

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