Slim Shoulders And Legs For Summer! SSBC Week 7 Workout

Here we go! This is our Week 7 workout. Can you all believe it?! At the end of this week we'll be HALFWAY through our 14-week boot camp. Seven weeks went by fast, and I'm sure the next seven will go by even quicker. That means summer is so, so close! Everyone cheer with me...WOOHOO! OK, we're done cheering now. Because it's time to workout! Complete this video three times through any time the Week 7 Workout is scheduled on our April Workout Calendar, which you can find below.

Hungry Running Recap: So, I’m Running A Half Marathon Next Weekend!

That's right. Next weekend. Me. 13 miles. I decided last night that I wanted to do it. I've been debating about the More/Fitness Magazine Half-Marathon for months now. Every time I open the latest issue of Fitness Magazine and see the ad for it I'm like, "Yeah! I really want to do that!" but for some reason I just never signed up. Well, now I did! And I'm so ready to run. This year is the race's 10th anniversary, it takes place in Central Park, and it's one of the largest all-women's half-marathons in the country. Ummmm, sweet! Sounds like a good time to me. So, crazy me. Signing up for 13-mile races two weeks before their start. Good thing I've been running a lot lately! In fact, I've been running so much that I've hardly had any time to write about it. I'll make up for some of that now.

Total Body Power Pyramid Workout: SSBC Week 6 and Our April Workout Calendar

Here we go! This is our Week 6 workout for the Summertime Slim-down Boot Camp. It's a pyramid style workout with four different body weight exercises. You'll repeat four rounds of each exercise, increasing the number of reps with each round. In other words, you'll really be feeling the burn by round four. No pain, no gain. That's how the saying goes and it's the truth. So, lace up your sneakers and give it everything you've got. There's no equipment needed for this workout.

Total Body Tabata Workout! Summertime Slim-Down Boot Camp Week 5

Ok guys! We're kicking this week of our Boot Camp off with our Week 5 Workout! I hope you're ready so SWEAT because we're totally taking it up a notch with some high intensity interval training this week. We have 5 rounds of exercises where we'll be performing 40 seconds of a high intensity move, followed by 20 seconds of recovery with a lower-impact exercise. This kind of workout is sometimes also known as "Tabata" and it's great for building muscle while burning more calories in a shorter amount of time.

I Tried A New Exercise! AntiGravity Yoga at Studio Anya

AntiGravity yoga. OK, I know it sounds kind of crazy, but it's a real thing! It's a fairly new form of yoga (created in 1990), and yes, it is every bit as fun and impressive as its name makes it sound. I tried it for the first time ever on Friday with The Holding Space at Studio Anya. It was one of the most playful and relaxing yoga classes I've ever taken and I really can't wait until the next time I can take another class! For my first time around, I signed up for the restorative class (described as "the gentle, deep stretching, healing side of AntiGravity Yoga") so that I could learn the ropes in an easy going, slow-paced environment. It's important to take it slow and be gentle when learning a new kind of exercise.

How To Eat Healthy When Dining Out: Choice Eats 2013 Best New York City Restaurants

Hungry Runner was born out of my love for both food and fitness. Being passionate about both is tough sometimes. Of course I'd love to eat mac-and-cheese-topped hot dogs every day, but I know such a meal wouldn't provide my body with what it needs to fuel a six-mile run or a Tabata workout at the gym. (Darn!) So what's a foodie to do? And how can we all enjoy the outstanding (and sometimes downright, over-the-top decadent) dishes that so many restaurant chefs have to offer while still maintaining a wholesome diet? Well, it might not be an easy feat to conquer, but I learned a lot about food and some great New York City restaurants at the Village Voice Choice Eats event last night and I've got some answers for you!