Running Playlist: Best Running Songs November 2017

Running Playlist - Best Running Songs - November 2017

This running playlist has me pumped, hungry friends! I haven't shared one of my running playlists in quite a while, but it used to be a regular thing here on Hungry Runner. When I decided that I wanted to keep blogging after a short break from it earlier this year, I thought about why I started and what I originally  loved about it so much. 

One of those things was being able to share my running playlists because I truly, genuinely enjoyed finding the best running songs and curating them into a kick-butt running playlist that really had me amped to run. That musical motivation was key to keeping my running routine consistent in those early days when I first started running.

Summer 2017 Running and Cardio Playlist

Hi friends! I know it's been a little bit of time since I've shown my face here and my blogging status has been in limbo lately, but as I predicted would happen, my creative spark (and need to talk about running incessantly) has returned and I'm back to share some fun stuff with y'all! Taco Saying Hi Gif Specifically, I wanted to share the top songs from my current running/cardio playlist, because summer + running + good music = bliss! Well, at least I think so anyway.

Running Playlist: Summer 2016

running playlist - summer 2016 -hungry runner

I am DYING for summer to just get here already. I'm pretty sure most if not all of you feel the same way. It feels like this weird, not-so-sunny, quasi-spring we've had here on the East Coast just won't make way for warmer weather. While I was doing laundry the other day — which obviously consists mostly of running clothes — I pulled one of my long-sleeve fleeces from the basket to toss in the machine and said to Mark, "It's depressing that I've had to wear this recently."

My Spring 2016 Running Playlist

hungry runner running playlist A new season means new tunes for my running playlist, and I'm bursting with excitement to share some of my favorite new jams with you all! As I mentioned back in January, one of my goals for 2016 was to explore more new music, specifically so that I could continually update my running playlists instead of listening to the same batch of songs over and over and over again. Running with new music is such a simple way to keep your running routine fresh and exciting, so I hope that by continuing to share my favorite workout songs here, I can help you all find new music that you love to run to as well

Running Music: 27 Songs Perfect for Your Speed Workouts

running-music-playlist-speed-workouts Crafting a perfectly organized playlist of running music was once an enthusiastic passion of mine. Well, it still is, only I haven't been very involved with it lately. Wanna hear a sad story? I've been listening to the same playlist of running music for, oh, what has it been? Like eight months now. It's true. Since the NYC marathon in November, I've been listening to the same 45 or so songs for nearly every running workout