20-Minute Treadmill Ladder Workout

If you’re like me, you’ve been spending more time in the gym and on the treadmill due to the super chilly winter weather. And if you’re like me and you almost instantly become bored when running or walking on the treadmill, then you will love this treadmill ladder workout.

20-Minute Treadmill Ladder Workout

Lately, I’ve been using it as a walking workout since I’m currently in the off-season from running and have been focusing more on strength training and lower-intensity cardio workouts. But it can also be used as a running workout, it just all depends on what your current goals and priorities are.

The workout is pretty simple, but it will definitely get your heart rate up and keep you engaged while on the treadmill to help avoid boredom. I like it because it’s a quick cardio session I can do after a strength training workout, which has been particularly nice for me this week since I’ve been trying to squeeze in a little bit extra for each workout since there are three days at the end of the week where I won’t be able to workout because I’ll be traveling.

And in case you’re wondering, for strength training right now I am following Madeline Moves’ new 8-week program. I’m only on week 1, day 2 at this point, but so far I’m really, really loving it. I think the thing I love most about it, aside from the fact that you can tell she put a lot of time and thought into the structure of the workouts, is that it’s a weight lifting program but without the  longer rest periods that are typically between sets in a traditional strength training workout.

I love weight lifting but I enjoy the circuit style Madeline uses more than the traditional way a strength workout would be set up. I just feel like I’m wasting time at the gym when I have to wait a full minute or more between a set for one exercise. Anyone else with me on that?

Anyway, now that your semi-caught up on what I’ve been up to in the gym. Here’s the treadmill ladder workout you came here for!

20-Minute Treadmill Ladder Workout

In case you want to modify it in any way, basically this is how it works: After a 5-minute easy warm-up, starting at a 2.0 incline and a 3.0 speed, you increase the incline by 0.5 every minute and the speed by 1 every other minute until you get to a 6.0 incline. From there you increase the incline by 1 every minute and the speed by 1 every minute) until you reach an 8.0 incline. Then hold the 8.0 incline for 3 minutes.

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If you want to keep the workout to about 20 minutes, you can decrease the speed and incline immediately from there and go directly to a 5-minute cool-down. Or, if you want a longer cardio workout, sometimes I do the ladder back down. Decreasing the speed and incline by 1 every minute until I get back down to a 1.0 incline and around a 3.0 speed.

And finally, as I mentioned above, if you’re looking for more of a challenge, you could definitely use this as a running workout too. You would just need to increase the speeds according to your running paces. I have not done this yet, but it would be a pretty killer hill workout for running!

Hopefully all of that makes sense for y’all! I think it’s pretty simple and straightforward, but of course, let me know if you have any questions.

What are some other ways you love to help make the time pass by more quickly while on the treadmill? Let me know in the comments below!




  1. This is great! I get so bored on the treadmill that I have to watch Netlifx. If I don’t then I go crazy within a mile of getting on.

    1. Same girl! I need Netflix, trashy TV or a GOOD podcast!

  2. This is the only way I can run on the treadmill! I am not a lover of running, so I need to stay engaged by switching the speed and incline. Love this!

    1. Agree! Switching the elements help keep the mind engaged too. Enjoy!

  3. I love treadmill workouts like this otherwise it’s just too boring! I’ll have to add this in this week 🙂

    1. Same here! Hope you enjoy 😀

  4. This workout is a great way to bring some challenge to a regular treadmill routine! Anything to make the time go by faster right?!

  5. I get bored very easily on the treadmill. This looks like a perfect resource!

    1. It’s hard not to, right? Always gotta be switching it up 🙂

  6. Thank you so, very much for sharing! I really prefer to work out outside, however the weather does put a damper on that! This treadmill workout is awesome! Sounds so fun + I cannot see myself getting bored with this! I a definitely going to try 🙂

    1. Hard to get bored when you’re constantly changing the elements. Hope you enjoy!

  7. I am always looking for new ways to keep motivated on the treadmill! I love this!

    1. Me too! I’m always switching up the workouts to keep it interesting. Enjoy!

  8. I love this walking workout! Walking is the only cardio I’m able to do after knee surgery, and haven’t been able to get quite up to 3 miles/hr yet, but this workout is going on my list as soon as they clear me for doing any inclines!

    1. Yay! I hope you’re able to enjoy it soon 😀

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