What I’ve Been Up To Since Our Move To Philly

Hi hungry friends! Happy fall!

The weather here in the Philly area is FINALLY starting to cool down and that means running is becoming more and more comfortable and less and less sweaty. Woohoo!

Since Mark and I made the move to the Philly area in May, I’ve been blogging on and off and also updating social media on and off. With moving and getting used to working my job remotely and taking care of a new puppy and getting to know our new hometown, I was not only feeling slightly overwhelmed, but unsure of whether I wanted to keep blogging.

It was a strange feeling and I was feeling guilty and confused, but I decided to just accept it and sit with it for a bit so I could just trust my instincts and see where they would take me.

And low and behold, here I am back on the blog!

During my long run yesterday I was listening to the “Dirty John” podcast (highly recommend!) and the “Up and Vanished” podcast (also highly recommend) — which are totally unrelated to running — but all of a sudden around mile 5 I just had this spark in my mind that made me feel like I really wanted to get back to blogging.

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So, I’m listening to that “spark” and jumping back in. To start, I figured I’d give y’all a little update about what I’ve been up to since moving from NYC to just outside of Philly.

1. I got a puppy!

Her name is Bailey and she is an Australian Shepherd mix. We rescued her from Justice Rescue and she is currently 3 and 1/2 months old.

Bailey, The Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy

She is super soft and cuddly and very energetic, but she is also just like me in that she could sit alone for an hour or two with one of her toys (in my case it would be a book or my blog 😂) and be perfectly content. She also has a hilarious attitude that’s a mix between very serious and sassy. It’s hard to impress or excite her unless what we’re doing involves another dog or peanut butter (also very much like me 😜).

2. I’m training for the Philly Half Marathon!

Now that I think about it, aside from the Scranton Half Marathon I ran back in April 2014 and that time I got to run the Gold Rush relay race in Alaska, this is one of the only other non-NY races I’ve signed up for … ever.

What can I say? Living in NYC and being and NYRR member made racing so convenient an easy. There were always several races to choose from every month and they were usually just a short subway ride away! I was spoiled and lazy.

 Philly Half Marathon Training

Anyway, I’m definitely excited to be running a totally new race in a totally new area next month. And I’m also excited to continue exploring new races in Pennsylvania  and hopefully some other parts of the U.S. and world in the future! Note to self: There are lots of other race opportunities outside of that tiny island known as Manhattan!

That said, I did just sign up for the NYRR Abott Dash to the Finish Line 5K in NYC on November 4th. I was having serious NYC Marathon FOMO and figured if I could at least run the last 3 miles of the course and get a glimpse of my favorite finish line the day before the race, I could calm my FOMO anxiety just a little bit. Plus, since we’ll make a weekend of it, I’ll get to cheer on all you awesome marathoners on Sunday too!

Stay tuned for details about where I’ll be cheering from 😉

(LOL this section about how I’m running the Philly Half turned into a section about the NYC Marathon)

3. I’ve planned about 80% of our wedding.

Some of you may already know this, some of you may not: Mark and I are getting married in June next year, so wedding planning has been keeping me busy!

Even though we still have about 8 months to go, we’re pretty ahead of the planning game. Our venue, DJ, florist, officiant, photographer, ceremony musician, hair and makeup team, and hotels are all booked. My dress and Mark’s tux has been purchased (don’t even get me started on why Mark insisted on buying the tux 🙄). Our engangemrnt photos have been taken. And we’re almost ready to send our save the dates!

Katie and Mark
Photo by Stacey Lynn Photography 

It feels nice to have all of the major reservations out of the way so that now we can focus on the smaller things like the menu for the cocktail hour and reception, the invitations, the decorations, and seating chart stuff when the time comes.

It’s also a relief because it’s almost necessary to book everything so damn early because of how booked up all of the vendors get. For reference, we booked most of the above around March and April right after we put the deposit down for the our venue in February! And at that time some of the people we contacted about our June 2018 date said they were already booked on our day 😱

In fact, when I did my hair and makeup trial a few weeks ago, the hair dresser was telling me she’s heard of people booking their venue before even getting engaged to make sure they wouldn’t miss out on the date they wanted at their ~dReaM vEnue~ People! Stop this nonsense!

I digress. What I’m getting at is that it feels nice to know that we have everyone that we know for sure we want to work with all booked and secured for our day!

And while my experience planning hasn’t been all too crazy, through the process I’ve still been enjoying the musings of the Bridechilla Podcast. The host, Aleisha, is hilarious and she describes the show as wedding planning advice “minus all the bullshit.” So yeah, it’s pretty helpful and totally entertaining!

If y’all have any wedding planning questions and want me to talk more about it here, let me know!

And that’s about it! Aside from these 3 endevours, I’ve been exploring our new neighborhood by running all around the nearby trails and of course, by trying out all the local restaurants and breweries.

Of course, I miss Brooklyn and NYC, but I love that we are able to have a slightly higher quality of life here, while I’m still connected to New York because of my roots and because my job is still based there, and because I’m only a 2-hour train ride away!

What have y’all been up to recently? Any big changes? What are you training for? Let me know in the comments 🙂


  1. Wedding planning can be so stressful but lots of fun at the same time. Try to enjoy it bc it goes by so fast. The Philly half sounds fun one of these years I hope to fit it in. I am actually going to be in Philly at the end of the month for an event and plan to run downtown near Fairmont park. Let me know if you are near there and would want to run

    1. Luckily there have only been a few stressful moments, otherwise I have been enjoying planning and just trying to soak it all in! It would be awesome to meet up in Philly 🙂 I’ll email you for details to see if we could work it out!

  2. Welcome to Philly. I hope you enjoy the Half. This area has a lot of great races. If you want to know of any I would recommend 5K to Half to Full, let me know. Two great races a friend of mine (Lowell Ladd) directs are the Gettysburg Half (Nov. 5th) and The Gettysburg Full (April 28th 2018).

    1. Thanks! Yes, from what I’ve seen so far there are lots of great races in the area. I’m pretty excited to continue exploring them all 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Wedding planning can be fun but also a bit stressful! I love the Philly marathon, Ive done the full twice and I bet the half would be just as great!

    1. So far it’s been 80% fun and 20% stressful, but the stressful stuff hasn’t been anything too crazy, so I’m grateful! Definitely looking forward to the Philly Half 🙂 So cool you that ran the full twice!

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