Slow-Cooker Eggplant And Cauliflower Vegetable Curry

Slow-Cooker Eggplant And Cauliflower Vegetable Curry

Mark and I just got back from a hike in Valley Forge National Historic Park. Today was quite literally a perfect summer day here in the Philly the area. Sunny, not too cloudy, almost no humidity and a high of about 75. We couldn’t let a day like that pass by without spending most of it outside.

Plus, we just genuinely love Valley Forge and there are so many great trails to explore there. Today we hiked about 3 miles on the Mount Joy trails. Could I ask for a better summer Sunday? Nope, don’t think so.

In addition to exploring new things here in Philly, we’ve also been exploring new recipes. One of them being this slow-cooker eggplant and cauliflower vegetable curry recipe.

Yes, it’s kind of similar to the eggplant chana masala recipe I shared back in February. But this eggplant and cauliflower vegetable curry  has slightly different flavors, and of course, there’s the addition of the cauliflower, which, personally, I feel really makes the dish.

Cauliflower always surprises me that way. It’s not necessarily an exciting, flavorful food on it’s own, but it’s like a blank canvas and you can do so many different things with it — like add it to a tasty vegetable curry!

Slow-Cooker Eggplant And Cauliflower Vegetable Curry

I based this recipe off the eggplant and chicken curry recipe in Kayla Itsines’ BBG program. I was going to follow it to a T, but then I realized we had no chicken (but we did have cauliflower!) and I also wanted to use the slow-cooker, so I tweaked it a few different ways to accommodate those two minor issues.

Also, it’s always nice to keep at least one meal a week totally vegetarian, so there was that as a bonus, too.

Either way, I was really happy with the way this came together. This might actually be one of the first times I’ve tweaked a recipe with several big changes and was really impressed with the outcome. Hence why I decided to share it here with you!

Slow-Cooker Eggplant And Cauliflower Curry -
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Slow-Cooker Eggplant And Cauliflower Vegetable Curry


1/2 yellow onion, diced

1 head of cauliflower, chopped

1 medium eggplant, cubed

1 large can crushed tomatoes

2 teaspoons curry paste

1 cup low-sodium vegetable broth

1 can chick peas, drained


curry powder





1. Add onion, chopped cauliflower, cubed eggplant, crushed tomatoes, curry paste, vegetable broth and chick peas to the slow-cooker and stir. Add a few shakes of each spice (cumin, curry powder, turmeric, salt and ginger) and stir again.

2. Cook on low for 8 hours or on high for 4 hours.

3. If possible, stir every hour or so, and add a few more shakes of each spice each time.

4. Serve over brown rice, quinoa or cous cous.