April 2017 Goal Call

Confession: I missed my March goal call, but I have no excuse for skipping it other than the fact that I just did not feel like blogging. And that’s OK, because I needed a break for the month and nothing exploded because I didn’t post any updates here.

Funny how that works, huh?!

Anyway, so now it’s April (that happened fast!) and I totally feel like blogging again (hence this post) and I’m going to jump back in with my April goal call. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my “goal call” posts, it’s simply a way for me to share my monthly goals with y’all and also a simple tool to help hold myself accountable — which is something we all need when it comes to setting and achieving goals.

Running in Brooklyn Bridge Park

First, I’ll start off with a recap of how I did with my previous set of goals, and then I’ll discuss what I plan to work on this month!

February Recap

1. Complete IT Band Rehab and Standard Core routines at least once per week, each. 

Grade: A — I can honestly say that over February and March I was very diligent about completing both my ITB Rehab routine and doing my core workout at least once per week. I woke up to do my ITB Rehab workout before work every Tuesday and on top of doing the Standard Core workout with my strength training workout every Thursday, I threw in some mini core workouts here and there every now and then after a yoga stretch or short run.

Workout Schedule

2. Develop a better, more consistent focus on eating intuitively, especially on the weekends. 

Grade: B — I just thought about this for a minute and honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever realistically be able to give myself an “A” or “A+” grade on something like this because my eating habits will never be perfect. But that’s totally OK, because perfect eating habits are totally unrealistic.

Anyway, I’m giving myself a B because I definitely improved on getting back to intuitive eating habits during the workweek, which for me meant being more conscious about whether I’m really hungry whenever I go to reach for that 4 p.m. snack. Usually I’m grabbing for it just because I’m struggling to keep my focus through the end of the workday and most times it just ends up ruining my appetite for dinner. So lately I’ve only been including it when I’m truly hungry at this time of day, which is usually only on days when I had a longer and/or tougher run in the morning.

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As for the weekends, I think I did better the past two months, but I think I still have room for improvement. But getting more in tune with intuitive eating habits is kind of a long-term goal because it really does take a lot of effort and it’s not something you can be great at overnight, so it’ll be something that I continue to work on and incorporate.

3. Blog and participate in the blog community when I feel like it (a more intuitive approach), but set limits for when and how long I use social media (e.g., 20 minutes in the morning before work, 10 minutes for a break during the day, and 5 minutes after work during down time).

Grade: B minus — OK so, I definitely let go of any pressure I felt in terms of feeling like I had to constantly be updating my blog and following some rigorous schedule of posting on social media and whatnot. But I also definitely didn’t set parameters for when and how long I would use social media, which I still think is important because as much as I love seeing what my friends and other bloggers are doing, I don’t want to spend all my precious time glazed over on my phone.

For part of this month’s goals, I will set those parameters and work on sticking to them!

4. By the end of the month, if our wedding venue choice isn’t finalized already, narrow down our choices to the top 3 and make a decision by the first week in March.

Grade: A++ — Not gonna lie, as much as I love to roll my eyes at overly Pintersty wedding things and like, the ridiculous wedding industry in general,  it makes me so giddy that wedding planning is a part of my goals right now! Anyway, I’m giving myself an A++ on this one because we chose a venue and put down a deposit for it at the end of February, which means we’re one step further in the planning process and now it’s time to start focusing on planning the details!

Brooklyn Sunrise

April Goals

1.  Stick to my training plan for the Brooklyn Half Marathon (!!!) with a focus on giving 110% in speed workouts and keeping my easy runs truly easy!

2. Book the DJ and the ceremony music for our wedding.

3. Continue blogging (at a “no-pressure” pace) and keep social media use on my phone to limited use — 10 minutes in the morning before working out, 5 minutes after breakfast to post updates in the morning, 10 minutes during my lunch break, and 10 minutes in the evening after dinner.

4. Use my subway commute time to either: write or listen to interesting/educational podcasts. (I’ve been spending too much commute time mindlessly scrolling through social media lately!)

So these four items will be my. main focus for April. We actually have DJ and musician meetings set for today and tomorrow, so number two could potentially be tackled pretty soon!

And as for training and blogging, I’m really looking forward to getting back into both more intensely this coming month. I’m supper excited for the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May. Definitely give me a shout if you’re running it, too!

What are you goals for the month and how did you do during the last two months? Let me know in comments in below 🙂

  1. I’m going to be out cheering at the Brooklyn Half and can’t wait to support all my friends who are running!

    1. YAY! Can’t wait to see you out there 🙂

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