February 2017 Goal Call

Hi! Hello! Are we six days into February ALREADY? That seems pretty impossible, since it was just January 1st, like, three days ago. But, whatever … I guess I can’t really argue with the calendar.

Anyways … as I mentioned in my first “Goal Call” post of the year, it’s one of my goals to check in here each month with updates on the mini, monthly goals I’m working on.

January certainly flew by and it involved a good amount of running for me (which means I achieved at least one of my fitness goals for the month), but there were some other areas that fell short and that I can definitely use February to work on.

Me under the Manhattan Bridge

Here’s a recap of how I did in January:

Fitness Goals

1. Run at least 3 days a week, following the 3-month plan I layed out for myself at the end of December. This includes a regular Saturday long run.

Grade: A +  —  As you can see from my schedule below where my completed workouts are colored in green, with the exception of two days when I was sick (the boxes marked red) I completed every run workout I had scheduled. Nailed that goal!

January Workouts

2. Complete the Strength Running IT Band Rehab routine at least once a week (the routine is part of the Strength Running Injury Prevention for Runners program).

Grade: C minus  —  Honesty hour: I know that I didn’t do a good job of marking this off my workout schedule on the days it was paired with other workouts (like yoga or an easy run) where I did yoga or running but not the ITB Rehab routine so I didn’t actually complete it once a week even though on my schedule it looks like I did. If I’m being honest I think I did it maybe 3 times all month, so that’s something to work on incorporating more!

3. Do at least 30 minutes of yoga 2 times per week.

Grade: A plus  —  I definitely did do yoga every time that it was marked on my calendar and I know that I also did extra little 10 and 15-minute sessions here and there. This was a goal I was really excited about so executing it came pretty easy. Now it’s just a matter of keeping it up!


Panera soup and sandwich

1. Get my focus back to intuitive eating.

Grade: B minus  —  I don’t think I honestly paid a ton of attention to my diet in January. Instead of eating intuitively, I feel like it was mostly routine during the week (healthy post-run breakfasts, salads and some not-so-nutritious snacks for lunch at work, and typical weeknight dinners with Mark) and a little bit of a free-for-all on weekends. So, overall not bad, but there are definitely still areas here I can improve upon to make intuitive eating more consistent, especially on the weekends.

2. Snack less at work (especially when it comes to the peanut butter-filled pretzels the office stocks, they are my downfall).

Grade: D —  I did not stop eating the office pretzels, which made me realize I’m not sure that I ever will. I genuinely enjoy them (I just LOVE pretzels, OK?), so I think the focus needs to be not on eliminating them, but incorporating them in moderation.


1. Establish a regular blogging routine for my new blog entires and social media posts + interacting more with other blogs.

Grade: D — I totally fell off of blogging and social media in January — but only because I sincerely wanted to. See my previous post to read more about this and why I decided I’m OK with it. This goal doesn’t fit with other priorities in my life right now, so I need to reevaluate it and pick something that better fits my priorities.

2. Finish looking at all of the wedding venues we’re interested in so that we can weigh all the pros and cons and pick a place and a date.

Grade: B — We didn’t finish looking at venues yet (we have two more to see tonight!), but we have definitely been productive on this front and I think we’re onto an overall idea that we’re both really excited about, so it feels like we’re getting close. Plus, even if it takes us one or even two more months to make a final decision, we’ll still have plenty of time for the rest of the planning!

February Goals

Reading over everything for January makes me feel like I did a pretty good job, but that I can focus in even smaller and choose a few less goals to work on in February and each month going forward. So, based on my grades for February and what I’m most excited about for this month, here are my monthly goals that I’ll work on in addition to keeping up with my running and yoga routine.

Hungry Runner running

1. Complete IT Band Rehab and Standard Core routines at least once per week, each. 

2. Develop a better, more consistent focus on eating intuitively, especially on the weekends. 

3. Blog and participate in the blog community when I feel like (a more intuitive approach), but set limits for when and how long I use social media (e.g., 20 minutes in the morning before work, 10 minutes for a break during the day, and 5 minutes after work during down time).

4. By the end of the month, if our wedding venue choice isn’t finalized already, narrow down our choices to the top 3 and make a decision by the first week in March.

And that’s that!

I like the idea that I just have four main things to work on rather than a bunch of things divided into three different categories.

I’m feeling confident in keeping up with my workout/training plan this month and am looking forward to working harder at the things that need more attention!

What are you goals for the month and how did you do during the first month of 2017? Let me know in comments in below 🙂 

  1. Your post inspire me to start my own monthly goals. For the past year I have been struggling to get back into running and hopefully writing down my goals will help me stay motivated. My goals for February are:
    1. Run at least 4x a week (2 miles @ least)
    2. Incorporate strength training at least 2x a week.
    3. Make healthier choices for breakfast.
    4. Reduce binge eating

    I hope you achieve your monthly goals. 🙂

    1. YAY! These are great goals. I really like the idea of making healthier choices for breakfast. That can totally set the tone for making good choices all day!

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