Priorities, They Are A-Changin’

If you’ve seen some of my Instagram posts lately (which, you may have noticed have been far and few) then you know that I’ve been feeling uninspired to blog or post anything online lately.


Well, at first I wasn’t really sure. But then I went for a run with Ashley this morning and she said she had been feeling the same lately. At first she was feeling bad about it like I have (I keep thinking, “What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I want to do something I used to love SO much? Everyone else is doing it so much better than I am.)

Then, Ashley said, she thought about it and realized that it really came down to the fact that she had so many other great and exciting things going on; an “evolution of priorities,” she calls it.

Running- Brooklyn Bridge Park

Once she said that, suddenly it all clicked for me. No wonder I’m not as interested in blogging as I was before. I am currently loving my job and actually enjoy going to work. I don’t enjoy coming home and spending more time online after spending most of my day on the computer at work. Same goes for mornings; I’m not interested in spending a ton of time online to start my day. I like being able to run/workout and then spend quality time with Mark both before and after work. Oh yeah, and I’m in the beginning stages of PLANNING A WEDDING. You know, it’s not like that takes a lot of time or anything.

After my chat with Ashley (and after reading the great blog post she wrote about this) I realized that I am totally fine with admitting that these are my priorities right now, and that it’s ok if blogging and social media have to take a backseat to them for a while. It doesn’t mean I have to totally give up on these things, just that they’ll probably be less prevalent in my life than they were before.

Running in Brooklyn

Obviously this isn’t really about running or food or fitness, but I wanted to share anyway in case any of y’all have been experiencing something similar as a reminder to not worry about what everyone else is doing and to focus on the things that are really important to you (which can change over time).

So, there you go! A does of inspiration for your Friday.

I’ll see y’all back here in between my running workouts and wedding planning soon!

xo Katie