Good Running Shoes: How to Find Running Shoes that are Right for You

how to choose good running shoes

How do you find good running shoes? Well, it’s pretty simple and easy as long as you know a few basic ground rules.

Just like with running apps, I very frequently am asked, “What are the best running shoes?” or “What running shoes are your favorite?”

While it’s not necessarily “hard” to find good running shoes in the sense that there are so many different top-quality running shoes available, these are still hard questions to answer because quite frankly, the answer is different for everyone. And just because I personally like a pair of running shoes, doesn’t mean they’re right for you.

I’ve actually written about how to choose good running shoes in the past (waaaay back in 2012), but since this is a pretty important running topic, and since Daniel Ayers from the extremely helpful running and fitness blog, Walk Like a Butterfly, kindly shared a very detailed infographic that outlines each important step in the process, I wanted to revisit it.

Before we get to the infographic, though, I want to re-highlight what I personally think are the two most important steps when it comes to finding and purchasing good running shoes.

Tip Number One for Finding Good Running Shoes: “Go to a sporting goods or running specialty store (this is your best bet) and consult one of the employees.

To quote my 2012 self, “It is this persons job to be an expert on running shoes. They know about feet, and sneakers, and are most likely even a runner themselves. So really, who else out there could help you better? I can’t think of many people. Maybe Forrest Gump? I don’t know.”

Seriously, though. If you’re a beginner and really don’t know where to start, this is one of the smartest things you can do. Ask for some help and you’ll likely be guided in the right running shoe direction.

Tip Number Two for Finding Good Running Shoes: Try them on in the store.

Try on every pair that is recommended to you or that you think might be a good fit. Again, I will shamelessly quote myself, “And I don’t mean just sit there and gawk at how great they look on your cute little running feet. No. Run around the store, and then run around some more. Because really, how will you know if the sneakers work for you unless you know how they feel when you run? Answer: you won’t. So do not, I repeat, DO NOT leave the store without running in your potential new sneaks!”

Got it? Good!

OK, now that we’ve got those two important steps covered, check out this infographic to learn some of the more in-depth details you may want to know about before heading to the store!

how to choose running shoes infographic
Click to enlarge [infographic courtesy of Daniel Ayers, Walk Like a Butterfly]

Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments section below! And please also chime in to let me know what you look for in good running shoes and which types/brands are your favorite!

  1. Hey Katie,

    Thanks for sharing the infographic with your readers. I can’t disagree with your point that choosing running shoes has no one answer. Since everyone is different, therefore, the answer lies with what works best for one, may not be the best solution for another.

    I highly recommend that runners visit nearby shoe store, get a gait analysis, and try out different pairs of shoes. The only way they will learn is by doing it.


  2. With a runner as mine, your photos are useful. Thank your sharing!

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