Summer Running: Enduracool Cooling Gear Review

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Staying cool while running during the summer has a lot to do with wearing the right gear.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you outfit yourself with loose-fitting, moisture wicking clothes, but there are also extra accessories you can add to your ensemble that can help cool you down when the temperatures are at an all-time high.

Before I began my marathon training at the end of July, it was abnormally warm here in New York. We were experiencing early-morning 80-degree temperatures that relentlessly rose to near 100 degrees by midday. Oh, and it was disgustingly humid, too!

Naturally, I was getting worried about having to train long distances in such extreme temperatures. Then one day I received an email from Mission Athletecare. They asked if I was interested in testing out some of the cooling apparel from their Enduracool line.

“Perfect,” I thought. “Hopefully this gear will help cool me down and keep me sane through my summer marathon training and it will be something valuable I can share with my readers.” I was excited to test out a the Enduracool Running Cap and the Enduracool Cooling Arm Sleeves.

Me getting ready for a 10-miler, wearing my Enduracool hat.

Ironically, as soon as it came time for me to officially begin training, the summer heat started to let up. I’m knocking on wood as I write this, but the weather over the past several weeks has actually been quite enjoyable for running in; low to mid 60s in the early mornings and rarely ever breaking mid-70s in the evenings. Even my long runs on the weekends have all taken place in moderate temperatures.

That’s not to say that I don’t finish my workouts hot and sweaty, but while I have used the hat and found it to be useful and effective, it just hasn’t been hot enough to put the arm sleeves to use.

The hat though, has become an essential part of my gear. I find that hats and visors work best for keeping the sweat out of my eyes while running, and while I would normally choose a visor during the summer (the open top allows heat to escape from your head), the Enduracool hat does exactly as it’s label promises. The material becomes cool when wet and pulls sweat away from your skin.

I felt comfortable and cool wearing it during a 10-mile long run on a warm, sunny morning and now I take it out with me for most of my workouts.

As for the arm sleeves, when I do eventually get to test them out on a hot day, I’ll be sure to let you know my thoughts. For now, I’ll stick to thanking my lucky stars for this incredible weather and keep my fingers crossed for blue skies and cool temperatures on race day!

What do you wear for summer running? What are some must-have accessories that keep you cool?

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