Lemon-Basil Shrimp And Veggies

Even though I sort of really don’t like Dr. Oz and his show (for reasons which I will not get into now, but maybe later on in a separate blog post), sometimes, on those days where I’m really pooped, and I get home from work feeling incapable of doing anything other than collapsing onto the couch and becoming a vegetable in front of the TV (a rare occurrence, but yes it happens), I watch his show.

I mean, he shouldn’t feel special or anything. I only have basic cable, (Netflix is where it’s at! Except for when I’m too lazy to do anything but hit the power button.) so at 4 o’clock in the afternoon I get to choose from the stellar line up between him, The People’s Court, and Wendy Williams. Usually I go with The Great and powerful Oz just so that I can check out what fad diet or miracle pill he’s touting this week and roll my eyes while I yell at him through the TV.

This type of ever-so-rare, post-work, veg-out TV-watching occurrence just so happened to take place last week. And it just so happened to inspire this recipe. I don’t recall the name of the woman who was on the show, but she was teaching Dr. Oz how to make quick and easy healthy meals. They made healthy shrimp tacos using shrimp, veggies, a few different spices, and lettuce leaves as wraps instead of tortillas. Obviously this isn’t that recipe. That recipe was good, but ummm hello… Mine is better. Trust me. 😉

Basically, The Doc just inspired me to buy shrimp at the grocery store last week and this recipe is the result of that super-smart purchase. Thanks Dr. Oz. You are SO inspiring. I don’t know what I would do without your show every week. (I hope you all can picture me rolling my eyes right now. :P)

Lemon-Basil Shrimp And Veggies

Ingredients (serves 1):

6 frozen shrimp (I used Trader Joe’s Argentinian Red Shrimp)

1 red bell pepper, cubed or cut into slivers (feel free to use any color bell pepper of your choice)

3 small mushrooms, sliced (I used Baby Bella, but any type will work)

1/4 cup chick peas

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 slice red onion, diced

3 large lemon wedges or 1 table spoon fresh lemon juice

1/2 cup broccoli slaw


optional: black pepper to taste


1.) Add the olive oil to a skillet, then the onion and a few dashes of basil. Heat over medium-high for 1-2 minutes or until fragrant.

2.) Toss in the red pepper, mushrooms, and chick peas. Sprinkle a few more dashes of basil and heat over medium for another 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally.

3.) Add the shrimp and stir. Squeeze or pour in the lemon juice and add a few more dashes of basil (and pepper if desired). Stir to coat then toss in the broccoli slaw and stir again. Heat until shrimp is cooked to desired textured. (Note: I added the broccoli slaw in at the very last minute so that it gets slightly tender and coated with flavor, but still stays crunchy.)

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  1. Great recipe for this shrimp. I pinned it to a collection of Argentine Red Shrimp recipes.

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