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This is it. The home stretch. Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? We’re almost there!

Today marks the beginning of Week 13 of our 14 Week Summertime Slim-down Boot Camp.

Before you get started this week, I want to share some of my favorite Instagram posts that you all shared over the past 13 weeks.

Lots of healthy eating inspo from @Jessiermac.

@Brittkelton‘s awesome 2-week progress pics!

And the best comment ever, I made @Alexan95‘s fat cry. :P

Way to go everyone! All of your posts made me smile and we’re so inspiring. You guys rock so hard. Keep up the good work over these last two weeks. Clearly all of your hard work is paying off! :)

You can find our May Workout Calendar below. Anytime you see a Hungry Runner Workout on our calendar this week, you’re to pick from any of the previous Hungry Runner strength workouts that we completed over the first 10 weeks of the boot camp. (You can also find all of our previous week’s workouts linked below.)

My workout pick for this week is the Slim Summer Shoulders and Legs Week 7 Workout:

P.S. If you’re looking ahead and thinking about ways to stay motivated once our Boot Camp is over, check out the What’s Beautiful Campaign that I’m working on with Under Armour and FitFluential. Click through to get all of the details and to find out how to join #TeamHungryRunner.

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May Workout Calendar

Previous week’s workouts:

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