Finding the Fun in Fitness with Reebok

[Glow in the dark yoga!]

Last week I was invited to the 2013 Reebok Women’s Lifestyle and Fitness event here in New York City.

Active wear, fitness, fun exercise workshops… You know I didn’t have to think twice about what my RSVP would be.

Reebok supplied us with sneakers, tanks, bras, tees, and tights and I got to spend two days trying out all of their gear while mingling with some of the most passionate and inspiring group of fitness writers, athletes, and bloggers. We all had a blast participating in yoga, running, CrossFit, and dance workouts together. In other words, it was two full days of bliss.

And sure, trying out new workout gear always makes me feel like a little kid in a toy store, but the best part about the entire event went way beyond active wear. What I loved most was hearing so many inspiring stories and learning that what Reebok really wants to do is put the fun back in fitness. And not only are they doing this by making comfortable, quality workout gear that works, but by partnering with super passionate athletes who are seriously in love with what they do.

Like my favorite “Rebel” Yogi, Tara Stiles.

And elite Cross-fitter Annie Sakamoto.

And professional dancer Vanessa Vassalo.

And elite runner Alissa McKaig.

I learned so much from all of them. So much that I can’t even fit it all into one blog post! So make sure you stay tuned because over the next four weeks I’ll be rolling out blog posts dedicated to each area of fitness, the lessons I learned during our workouts, and the awesome new gear that helped get them done!

But in the meantime, I want to hear from you!

What are your favorite types of workouts and what do you do to keep the fun in fitness so that working out feels more like playtime and less like a chore?