Hungry Running Recap: Every Day is a Vacation, And I’m Taking a Long One

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I’ll start with the bad news first. And don’t worry, when I say “I’m taking a long vacation,” I don’t mean from blogging. I mean from running. Not because I want to, but because I have to.

Unfortunately I’ve sustained myself another nice little injury. Last year it was my left hamstring. Now it’s my right hip flexor. It could be a labral tear (let’s pray not!), or it could just be a groin strain. Either way, I need to rest. Probably for at least three weeks. (Kill me now!)

The pain in my right hip started just after I ran the Fitness Magazine Half-Marathon. Three days after the race I went out for an 11-mile run and unfortunately that was just too much, too soon. After that I rested for about a week until I felt OK again. But even though I felt OK on my first run back, there were still some small twinges of pain, a sign that I wasn’t fully recovered. Stubbornly (just like last time), I chose to ignore that, simply because I love to run, and now, as a result, I can’t. Oh the irony.

Last time when I was injured, I went crazy. My body telling me that I’m not allowed to run, is like telling Leslie Knope that she can’t eat waffles and whipped cream for every meal. But this time around I’m going to try and look at my injury from a different, less annoyed perspective. Am I still going to go crazy? Probably, but I’m going to do it in a positive way.

I’m going to look at this like a vacation. A nice, relaxing, fun, three-week (maybe even longer) vacation. My body is saying, “Hey, you’re running too much! Give me a break!” So I’m going to succumb to its requests and book a flight to The Rest Resort.

And even though I’ll be resting my legs from the repetitive motion of running while I’m there, I still plan to take full advantage of the fitness facilities. Because while I do try new forms of exercise every now and then (something I’m constantly encouraging you all to do), there’s still a plethora of different workouts I’ve never tried before, and I’m taking this as the perfect opportunity to dive in and give them a try. (So long as they are friendly to my injury.)

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The philosophical good news in all of this is that these past few days while running through Central Park (when I really shouldn’t have been), with tons of tourists who actually, literally are on vacation in one if the greatest cities in the world, I realized something pretty cool. Which is that even in our home town’s and day to day lives, every day should be treated like a vacation. Because if we only treat vacation time (i.e. time off from work) like a vacation- a time to relax, let loose, have fun, enjoy the sun- well then, we’re going to spend a heck of a lot of time not doing those things. And that’s not good, because those are the activities that make us happy. And if we’re not happy, then we’re not completely healthy.

Of course we all have to work. But if you can find a job that you love and you love what you do, you’ll have fun doing it, and voilà… Every day is a vacation! Yes, we have to exercise to stay healthy and sometimes that feels like a chore, but try new activities, explore new places to run, workout with new people, and there ya go… Every day is a vacation! And sure, there are always going to be things in life that we just don’t want to do, like pay bills, and clean the bathroom, and take out the garbage, but even on vacation we still have to clean the sand out of our suits. Life can’t always be a beach. But everyday can definitely be a vacation if you want it to.

So, while I’m away from running for the next few weeks, expect to hear about my adventures in new forms of exercise. I’ve had my eye on things like Cross Fit, Soul Cycle, Step Aerobics, and Pilates!

I’m also inviting you all to come on vacation with me and to try at least one new kind of exercise over the next few weeks. What kinds of new workouts will you do?

And what other new (non-running) activities should I try?

When you try something new, leave a comment or post it on Instagram and/or Twitter with the hashtag #VacationEveryday so I can see what ya’ll are up to!

Vacay away!!

  1. I’m also injured and its no fun! Same injury too.. I think I strained my hip flexor on a run after the Nike DC Half. I may be missing the BK Half which stinks a bunch but we have to listen to our bodies!

  2. I’m sorry about your injury, but I’m glad to see you’re keeping your head up! You have such a great attitude! Get better soon and in the meantime, enjoy all those new workouts!

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