#WhatsBeautiful: Win a trip to the Under Armour Retreat in Costa Rica

This post is sponsored by Under Armour.

You know what’s beautiful? That thanks to Under Armour and FitFluential, I’ve got a bunch of new workout gear on its way to my mailbox right now.

But you know what’s EVEN MORE beautiful? The fact that over the next few weeks, together, we’re all going to set goals, push and encourage each other to achieve them, and all along the way, define “What’s Beautiful…” on our own terms.

Under Armour Women is hosting the What’s Beautiful Campaign from now until June 21st in order to inspire and motivate women all around the world to push past their comfort zones and achieve what they once thought was impossible. They’re calling it a “competition to redefine the female athlete.”

Since my number one goal is to motivate and inspire as many people as possible to live their healthiest lives, well then it’s only fitting that I’ve been enlisted by Under Armour to get you guys on board.

So here’s how it all works. And pay close attention! Because in addition to achieving your wildest dreams, there are some pretty sweet prizes involved, including the aforementioned trip to Costa Rica, plus a chance to be featured here on Hungry Runner! (More on that later.)

How to Join:

1. Head over to the What’s Beautiful homepage and click ‘Get started’ to create a profile. Enter your information or sign in using Facebook, then click ‘Sign Up.’

2. Complete your profile by uploading a picture and entering your goal. Make it a good one!

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 3.46.35 PM

3. Share your goal with the world! Tweet it, Instagram it, Tumble it.. let everyone know what you’re up to! Make sure to use the hash tags #WhatsBeautiful and #TeamHungryRunner (More about our team soon!)

4. Use your whatsbeautiful.ua.com profile to join Team Hungry Runner. We’re creating an army here. And over the next few weeks we are all going to work together to set and conquer some super sick goals. (P.S. This is where your chance to be featured on Hungry Runner comes into play. Keep reading for details!)

Join Team Hungry Runner. (Click the link to access the team page.)

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 3.53.32 PM

5. Anytime you complete a task that brings you closer to your goal or our team goal- whether it be a healthy meal, a completed workout, or a new healthy habit- upload it to your profile and/or our Team Page (pictures, videos, etc.) Click ‘Upload Challenges, then the right arrow for “Forward Progress,” and upload your video or picture and then share it on your social media pages too! Anytime you share something use the hash tags #WhatsBeautiful and #TeamHungryRunner.

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 8.07.24 PM

Both Under Armour and I are going to be watching you guys. And at the end of the campaign they’ll be picking the most motivating and inspiring participant to join them on their Under Armour Retreat in Costa Rica! So give this all you’ve got!!

More About Our Team Goal!

Team Hungry Runners Goal: From now until June 21st, we will eat well and exercise at least 3 days every week! (Let’s really kick butt and aim for 4 or 5, though!)

Plus, I’ll also be posting weekly mini-goals on my Instagram page every Monday to keep us motivated!

Being a part of and participating in Team Hungry Runner means you will also be vying for a chance to have your story shared here on my site!

So, I wanna see you updating our team page every day! When the campaign is over I’ll choose a winner based on which Team Hungry Runner member was the most inspiring and motivating.

I’m going to be tracking our team tag (#TeamHungryRunner) very closely and sharing my favorite updates on Twitter and Instagram, so make sure you’re following me and tagging your posts for a chance to be featured.

Alright, so now that you’ve got all the details, go get to it! Set up your profiles, join the team, and start uploading your challenges!

After you join, leave a comment here with a link to your profile so I can follow you, and don’t forget to follow me!

Who’s in?!

  1. joined your team! my twitter is @tara_soprano and my tumblr is sweatlife.tumblr.com

    1. Yay! I’m so excited. Adding your profiles now 😀 Let’s do this!

  2. I joined the team too!

    1. Woo! Welcome aboard! Let’s kick some major bootay!

  3. Joined your team today! My instagram is @jennysutt. Super excited to try this 🙂

    1. Yay! Welcome aboard 🙂

  4. I’m in! And I’m putting up a post on my blog (fitfulfocus.com) to get even more amazing women involved! http://whatsbeautiful.ua.com/profile/24529 #wewill!

  5. Just requested to be a part of your team. Better late than never. instagram is jessiermac

    1. Woohoo! Logging in now to accept 🙂

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