6 Foods I Fell in Love with at Food Fete

If you follow my Instagram, you know that two weeks ago (thanks to Candice over at Embrace G-Free) I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive, invite only event called Food Fete.

I got to sample foods from a handful of health-conscious food brands, many of which I had never heard of before. Naturally, I’m beyond excited to share my favorite finds with all of you, that way you can keep an eye out for them while you shop for groceries and know that you’re purchasing wholesome products that are actually good for you.

1. One Degree ‘Veganic’ Breads

At Food Fete, One Degree was sampling their line of organically grown, safely harvested bread products called Veganic. Let me start by saying that this bread is the answer to all of my bread prayers. I’ve previously talked about the difficulty in finding truly clean bread products because even the brands that tout whole wheat or whole grain labels often include icky added ingredients and preservatives that honestly have no business being baked into bread. But not Veganic. Their motto is “Good Food, Grown Safely.” They have four different types of bread to choose from and not one of them contains more than nine ingredients.

I opted to taste their Lentil Grain bread (pictured above) and I loved it. It’s only ingredients are sprouted wheat, water, raisins, vital wheat gluten, oats, lentils, yeast, and unrefined salt, all of which are organic.

The one other thing about One Degree that really stood out to me was their iPhone app. You can use it to scan their products and then proceed to trace each of the item’s ingredients all the way back to the farms that they came from. In a world where we hardly ever know where any our food comes from, that’s a pretty big deal and I love it!

2. Traditional Medicinals Tea

Traditional Medicinals is a tea brand that focuses on the use of herbs to help ease everyday ailments such as fatigue, stress, or poor digestion. At food fete I tried their burdock blend, which is said to help promote healthy kidneys and skin. The flavor was bitter and wasn’t my absolute favorite but I might still consider drinking a cup every now and then simply for its health benefits. Some of the other samples that I got to try included the ‘Everyday Detox’ Lemon blend, which was one of my favorites. I love drinking tea to ease my tummy when I feel bloated or I accidentally overindulged. Plus, tea has lots of antioxidants, which are not only important for general health, but especially for runners since intense, prolonged exercise causes the body to release free radicals. And free radicals are controlled and fought off in the body by yep, you guessed it, antioxidants!

3. The Better Bean Company

Do you ever know that maybe something isn’t that good for you, but you continue to do it anyway? For example, I know that because of BPA, eating canned foods isn’t the healthiest option. But because it’s convenient I continue to buy canned beans. Well, I fell in love with Better Beans because they package their beans in plastic containers instead of cans. This means not only are they BPA free, but also much fresher than canned beans. Their beans are also grown locally, contain no artificial flavorings or preservatives, and they offer a handful of different bean mixtures and flavors, which is a huge plus for someone like me who often cooks with many of the same foods but still wants to keep meals interesting and spicy!

4. Better 4U!

Well isn’t it obvious why I would fall in love with a brand dedicated to making gluten-free, multig-rain, vegan and vegetarian pizzas? Of course it’s my Friday tradition to make my own homemade, whole wheat pizza. But honestly, sometimes I’m so exhausted by the end of the week that I get home on Friday and wish the dough (or even the entire pizza) could just be sitting there, ready and waiting for me. Well now on those days I don’t have to wish anymore. I could just grab a Better 4 U! pre-made pizza dough package, or heck, one of their already completed pizzas, heat it up, and eat. That’s so my style. And rest assured, this is not crappy frozen pizza. You all know I’m a certified Pizza Snob, so you have my word.

5. Republic of Tea

I have three words for you. Red. Velvet. Chocolate. If that doesn’t explain to you why I am now officially a diehard Republic of Tea fan than I don’t know what will. If you’re looking for a healthy dessert alternative to curb your sweet tooth, this is it. The Red Velvet Chocolate blend tastes like dessert, except it will warm your chocolate-loving soul with all of its healthy and wholesome herbs, which is something no slice of cake could ever provide. And all of their other flavors are just as mind blowing. Every time I open a new Republic of Tea tea bag, steep it, and take my first sip, my eyes widen and I fall into a tea infused state of bliss. If you’re not a fan of tea, but always thought you wanted to give it a shot in order to reap its health benefits, let the Republic of Tea help cross you over to the dark side. Just one sip is all you need.

6. Pacific

Pacific makes a variety of different products such as broths and non-dairy beverages. However I am much more interested in their line of soups, which come ready made in a box and boast a short list of all clean ingredients. At food fete I sampled the black bean kale soup and my first thoughts were, “Um this is totally something I would whip up for myself. Only, this is better because there’s no work involved for me!” No work involved? I’m sold.

If any of these foods sound as great to you as they do to me, make sure you stay tuned. I’ll be talking about some of them much more in the near future and there may even be the possibility of a few giveaways coming your way! 😉

Have you had any of your own great healthy food finds recently?

  1. Where do you find all of these products? Whole Foods didn’t even have the pizza.

    1. Many are hard to find in stores because they are still fairly new. Many of the brands have “Locate us” tabs on their website’s where you can enter you zip code to see if it is sold at any stores near you.

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