Empower Total Body Toning System Review + A HealthyChic.com Discount Code

A few weeks ago, I was very kindly invited to try out HealthyChic.com, an online fitness store dedicated to “offering inspiring products for a healthy body, mind and spirit.” Well, read that description again. I didn’t have to think twice before cordially RSVP-ing with a huge, I’d love to!

“I’m healthy. I’m chic. (Am I chic? Probably not, but whatever!) I should check out Healthy Chic,” I thought.

So with my $25 gift card in (electronic) hand I set out to explore HealthyChic.com. I browsed through pages of really awesome Yoga outfits, absurdly cute gym bags, and even a few different types of protein powders before deciding I wanted to order the Empower Total Body Toning System.

For one, I love trying out new exercise equipment. Plus, I have enough workout apparel to clothe an entire army division, so instead of going for yet another pair of moisture wicking compression pants (the best kind of pants, BTW!), I decided to stray from what would be a typical purchase and try out a new set of resistance bands instead. The system boasts “shock cords” that are stronger and safer than the typical resistance band tubing and it also comes with a door strap that makes it possible to do certain exercises that you normally wouldn’t be able to do with just a resistance band.

Unfortunately, for me, that door strap is the only thing that really sets the Empower System apart from any other set of resistance bands. The bands themselves are nicer and definitely more durable than a rubber tube resistance band, but that’s the only feature that really makes them any different. The system also comes with a lower body set that you can attach to your ankles but I didn’t find it at all useful because the length of the bands is much too short to allow for full range of motion for the exercises you could potentially perform with it.

However, for someone just beginning to incorporate a strength training routine into their exercise program, I think this would be a great buy (at least for the traditional resistance band portion of it), mostly because it’s totally affordable (just $15 on Healthy Chic) and because it comes with a nifty little chart that outlines 12 exercises for a total body resistance band workout. It targets all of the major muscles groups and is easy to understand and follow.

All that being said, even though I wasn’t IN LOVE with my first Healthy Chic purchase, I’m still super excited to keep browsing through so I can keep my eye out for really great finds because they offer big discounts on lots of really nice workout gear.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can use the code BEHEALTHY10 for 10% off your first order. If you end up scoring a great deal leave me a comment below and let me know what you got and how you like it!

What’s your favorite type of workout gear to buy… Clothes, exercise equipment, accessories?

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