Summertime Slim-down Boot Camp: Week 2 Workout

And so, week 2 of our Summertime Slim-down Boot Camp Begins!

Please excuse (and feel free to laugh at) the very generic (and sort of creepy?) background music that I found in the iMovie music library. I’d eventually like to be able to get some REAL music going in these videos but I have to do some more research on copyright so that I can figure out what will be allowed. But for now, at least you’ve got a little bit of musical motivation to keep moving, which is better than just my voice, right? 😛


This is your workout calendar for the month of March.


Pin it, print it, hang it up on your wall, carry it around in your planner… Put it someplace where you’ll see it everyday. Let it be your daily reminder to get up and get moving.

Remember, anytime the calender says Hungry Runner Workout Week 2, go through the workout in this video twice! (Or 3 or 4 times if you REALLY wanna take it up a notch!)

And don’t forget to leave me comments. Let me know how you feel after the workout and what you’d like to see in future videos.

Make sure you’re following along on Twitter and/or Tumblr because that’s where I will be sharing some sample cardio and yoga workouts that you can do this week.

OK, now go get sweaty and report back here when you’re finished!

xx Katie

  1. Hi Katie! I loved Week 1, and I am looking forward to Week 2! Thank you so much! I gave you a shout-out on my blog today!

    1. Aw thanks!! 🙂 So glad you’re enjoying the workouts. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi I am a week late in starting, but thanks for helping me stay motivated to get into better shape.

  3. I was just told iam getting my gastricbyepasss iam scared iam not in shape I have 3 weeks to get ready please help me

  4. Oh please tell me you can read this ,I need your help

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