Hungry Running Recap: Even When A Run Is Bad, It’s Good

Considering an enormous storm named Nemo dumped a whole a bunch of snow on the state (and surrounding areas) last weekend, we’ve been having abnormally warm weather here in New York this week. (Knock on wood! Lets not jinx it.)

Where as for the past few weeks it had been so cold outside that the Dreadmill almost seemed welcoming compared to braving the frigid temperatures for a good old outdoor run, this week I skipped all my indoor gym workouts because I NEEDED to be outside. The sun has been shining and the temperatures have been hitting the mid 40’s, which is no tropical paradise, but compared to 20 and below it feels like summer! So, how could I NOT run outside, right?

On Tuesday I ran five miles and the entire workout felt great. It flew by and before I knew it I was back in my apartment getting ready to go see Mumford and Sons at the Barclays Center. (Which was an awesome show, by the way!)

But yesterday… Yesterday I made myself a four mile Valentine’s Day Date with Central Park and almost every single step was a struggle. It usually takes me at least two miles to warmup, so I didn’t think anything of having a rough start. But even into the third mile all of my muscles felt like they were fighting a mighty battle against me and my mind.

I’ve been testing out the new MVP upgrade for Map My Run. It lets you set a goal pace and the “coach” chimes in every two minutes (or whatever interval you set it for) to let you know if you’re ahead of, behind, or on pace. On the treadmill I’ve been training at about a 9:13 per mile pace. I set the app for the same and took off. But unfortunately, yesterday, I just couldn’t keep up. My shins were tight, my legs felt heavy, it felt like every single other runner in the park was just speeding right past me. Which, I mean, it feels that way almost all of the time, but yesterday, it was getting to my head, you know?

My point is, though, that even though I felt kind of terrible and a little disappointed in not being able to keep up with my goal pace for all four miles, I still felt energized, relaxed, and revived afterward. No matter what, running always has that effect on me.

I know some of you feel the same about running, I know some of you have this relationship with another sport or pastime, and I know some of you have yet to find that one activity that elicits that “I just can’t get enough” feeling. For those of you who haven’t found “The One” yet, I really, seriously encourage you to keep looking.

[image via Meme Generator]

Laura Dave wrote an inspiring article about finding your Perfect Workout Match in this month’s Fitness magazine. If you feel like you’ve tried so many different exercise classes and workout, but still can’t find “The One” (or you’re just not sure where to start), check out the February 2013 issue and turn to her story on page 66 for some motivation.

You may have noticed that I added a “Start Here” page to the navigation bar at the top of my page. It outlines what I feel have become some of the core values of Hungry Runner. Finding that one exercise or activity that will (almost) always keep you coming back for more is one of them because I believe that it’s such an integral part of creating a healthy lifestyle. It really helps eliminate the “dread” some people feel when they think about having to exercise.

So whether it’s running, swimming, biking, rowing, skiing, hula-hooping, or skateboarding (or all of these things!), just make sure you’re moving and that you’re doing it often. You won’t always want to get up and go, and you won’t always enjoy the “ride,” but you WILL always feel accomplished and proud and better than you had before you started when you’re finished.

P.S. After my run I baked up a batch of Greek Yogurt Blueberry Banana Bread.

The recipe is by Kelly from and is one of my absolute, all-time favorites. If you have a few extra-ripe bananas lying around and 10 extra minutes this weekend (it’s a super easy recipe!), definitely bake yourself a loaf of this. Aside from Banana Raisin Oatmeal, this recipe is the best use of bananas in baking, and that is a fact.