Hungry Running Recap: 1 Mile … In 34 Minutes?

Yep, you read the title right. It took me almost 34 minutes to run one mile today.

Okay, not really. I’m exaggerating a little. Stretching the truth for the tale. But since it’s time to step up my training game a few notches, I opted for a bootcamp-style circuit workout in lieu of simply going out for a run today. Here’s what The Bootcamp Blaster (that’s what I named the workout) looks like:









So you see, since I ran .25 miles four times today, I did in fact complete 1 mile. And since completing four rounds of this circuit took me 33 minutes and 47 seconds, technically, yes, it took me almost 34 minutes to run a mile today. It was just that I had to do a bunch of other crazy stuff in between. And by crazy stuff, I mean exercises that will make you Sweat with a capital S.

For those of you who’ve never been introduced to burpees before. Let me be your guide into the wonderful world of this beast of an exercise which fitness enthusiasts around the world love to hate.

Try doing 10 right now.

Did you do ’em? No you didn’t. Let’s go! Seriously…

There ya go!

Now, how do you feel?

Out of breath. Speechless. Mhm. That’s what I thought 😉









Don’t worry, I felt the same after finishing this today. P.S. Check out my Greatist tee.

Fact: Exercising with this shirt on provides extra boosts of motivation.

So, I’m starting to take my training back up a few more levels because I’ve got some big plans for 2013. My first race of the year is going to be the Gridiron Classic in Central Park on February 3rd. It’s just four miles, but it will be my first sprint-distance race and I wanna be ready to rock it.

And in addition to my plan to run the nine races needed to qualify for the 2014 New York City Marathon (yes, that is totally happening!), I’ll also be racing a Tough Mudder this spring. So basically, this is going to be one BA year and it’s going to require a whole lot of BA Bootcamp training.

What are YOUR fitness goals and aspirations for 2013 and what steps are you taking to make sure you conquer them?

  1. Tough Mudder FTW! Which one are you doing? Us Canadians are headed to Toronto for ours in May. Bring it on!

    1. I believe I’ll be racing in Philly at the beginning of July (Gotta check with my teammates on that, haha!) When I definitely know which one I’ll be sure to share! Good luck in Toronto 🙂

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