Hungry Running Recap: Discovering Central Park


This week I realized that living in New York City is going to be a huge test to my patience. One big, huge test, mostly being administered by tourists. Because when five four-person families, all headed to the museum of natural history together, push past you to board the C train, and then all stumble over you in unison when the train departs because they don’t know about the jolting nature of public transportation, and then deter you from actually getting off the train at your stop, (Which happened to be the same stop they were getting off at. Why weren’t they moving?!) it’s really hard to not scoff an “Oh my god” at them under your breath.

It’s not their fault though. I know. They were just having a great time in the most wonderful city in the world during the most wonderful time of year. I only hated them for a minute because I was just so excited to finally get off that damn train and into Central Park for my weekly 6-mile Saturday Run. Can you blame me?


I started out on the loop today, but instead of doing the straight-pathed six miles all the way around, I decided to cut into and run around the reservoir when I got to the Upper East Side. The loop around the reservoir offers a ton of awesome Manhattan views. However, today I couldn’t really enjoy them because there were so many puddles on the path that more attention needed to be paid to the ground. Can you say, obstacle course?


In being very adventurous with trying out new paths today, I also ran around a few miniature lakes and under some old bridges. I like the more “park-ish” areas of the park. It’s a nice temporary escape from the skyscrapers.

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Also, I’ve been watching so much Gossip Girl that I keep expecting to see Serena and Blair walk by in their Constance uniforms. Or better, Nate and his dad racing over a bridge. In fact, I mistook every alternatively dressed, bookish looking boy for Dan Humphrey.

But no, I really do think that maybe I saw Penn Badgley. OK, probably not, but I wish.

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