Hungry Running Recap: I Don’t Do Anything But Run

“I don’t do anything but run.”

That’s what Alicia said to me about eight miles into her 10-mile Central Park training run, as we chatted about Gu gel, and water belts, and other running gadgets.

What an awesome mantra, right? Remember that next time you go out for a run. Don’t think. Don’t struggle. Don’t dread any of the miles ahead. Just run.

In other Hungry Runner news…

It’s official. I finally did it. I ran Central Park and now feel like I can sincerely call myself a New York City Runner.

Also, it only took one 5-mile run on the most gorgeous fall day, but there’s absolutely no doubt that this is my new favorite place to run. I think maybe I say that about every new route that I run. But I mean it. It’s so awesome. There are so many other runners that it’s impossible not to feel inspired and energized by all of the running camaraderie. Plus, like, the park is really pretty.

What I loved the most about this run, though, was the motivation behind it. Breanne’s friend Alicia is here to visit this weekend. She’s currently training for a half-marathon. At the beginning of the week, before she arrived, she gave us the heads up that she wanted to stay on track with her training plan by running 10 miles today. So we planned our day around her run and met up with her halfway through.

Alicia is lucky because Breanne and I both love to run. But I’m just saying, she’s a perfect example of a no excuses motto. The bottom line is, if you really want to, you can get your workout in, no matter what. You’re going away for the weekend? So what? Perfect excuse to explore and run in a new area! And hopefully you have some FitFluential friends or family members that will come along for the ride.

Other things that made this run great:

Hungry Runner - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Buying croissants and eating Breakfast at Tiffany’s afterwards!

Noticing that New York City water fountains are just like Pawnee’s, in that they do not have any splash guards. Leslie Knope was here.

Congratulating Alicia when she finished her 10 miles!!! Way to go, Alicia!

How do you motivate yourself to stay on track with your workout or training routine, even when your schedule isn’t ideal?

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