Upper Body Blast + Core Killer Workout

upper body and core workout

Get ready to feel the burn, kids!

This upper body resistance routine is designed to target your back and bicep muscles. Plus, I threw in a little added challenge in the form of decline pushup super sets after each set of lifts. P.S. Super set means no rest between exercises. Get to those pushups right away. NO CHEATING ALLOWED!

I did this workout last week, and trust me when I say, you will FEEL. THE. BURN… If you use weights that are heavy enough for your current level of fitness, that is. And heavy enough means, your muscles feel seriously fatigued by the last 2-3 reps! Got it?


Now, print this out, bring it to the gym with you, and go get your sweat on!

Here are video examples of how to do each exercise. Watch them all before starting so you can perform the entire workout with proper form and avoid injuries. If you aren’t sure how to do an exercise, ask a personal trainer for help!

Lat Pulldown

Decline Pushup

Assisted Chin-up (close grip = second example)

Seated Row

Mountain Climbers

High Plank Hold

TRX Knee Tuck

TRX Pike

Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown

Assisted Pullups (wide grip= first example)