Hungry Running Recap: New Shoes & Post-Injury Running

new running shoes

There’s nothing like a new pair of shoes. I mean, obviously it’s especially exciting for a runner, but remember how excited you would get going to the store with your mom to buy a new pair of shoes for the upcoming school year? Sure, you were depressed that the summer was coming to an end, but… NEW SHOES!

That’s how I felt picking up these bad boys three days ago. Sad, because I’ll be retiring my pink Nikes, which were my first real pair of running shoes and also somehow became the graphic of the logo for my blog.

(Yes, those are actually a cartoon-ized, version of my sneakers 😛 )

But also ecstatic, because getting a pair of new shoes is like an adventure! You never know where they’re going to take you, and in the case of running sneakers, you hope that they’ll help make you faster and take you further!

These obnoxiously bright, lime green sneaks are from the Adidas ClimaCool series. They’re lightweight, super flexible, and very minimal. After walking around and breaking them in for about two days now, and taking them for spin in the streets twice so far, I have nothing but good things to say about them.

And yeah, you read that right. My hamstring injury has healed and I actually got to run twice this week! On Wednesday, the day after I bought these, I took them out for a walk. Well, with all my New Shoe Excitement, I just couldn’t contain myself, and since everything felt good, I let myself run for few 30 second periods here and there. EEE!

And yesterday, I took my new sneaks out for their first official run. Just 2 easy miles, but it was still a run nonetheless, and let me just say, it’s GOOD TO BE BACK!

After running in these shoes, I’m convinced that my Nikes were effecting my gait in a lot of terrible ways, because even wearing them just as a regular shoe over the past few weeks, walking in them would still sometimes trigger the pain from my hamstring injury. Walking and running in these now though, nothing. I haven’t felt a thing.

Plus, they’re so light and so comfortable that I don’t even really feel like I’m wearing a shoe. You know after a long run, or when you’ve been out or working all day, and you get home and the first thing you HAVE TO do is kick off your shoes? Yeah, I don’t get that feeling with these. Maybe it’s because I love them a little too much and I’m still in the honeymoon phase with them. But well see if that changes. Right now I can’t believe that I’ve been wearing such heavy, tight, constricting sneakers all of my life! My feet finally feel free!

Next week I’ll be focusing on getting back on track with my 1/2 marathon training and I absolutely could not be any more excited! For right now, I’ll just be walking around blinding everyone with my toxic colored sneakers and working on acclimating my foot muscles to this new minimalist shoe.

Happy Running, everybody!

xx Kaite