Hungry Runner’s Tabata Time Workout

tabata workout


Tabata, tabata, tabata!! I LOVE tabata!

Really, what kind of workout could be better than a total body strength and cardio-conditioning routine that gets your heart rate up right away, burns a butt-load of calories, and makes you feel like a beast? Uhhh.. I can’t think of any.

So basically, next time you’re ready to sweat it up, you should do this workout. Don’t even think twice. Just do it.

Warm up with a 2-3 minute light jog and the whole thing should take you about 20-25 minutes.

Ready annnnnd… GO!

Exercise descriptions:

Squat Jumps

Step Box Lateral Lunges (Make this move explosive & continuous. From the lunge, you are jumping back onto the step and then lunging to the other side right away.)

High Knees

Knee Raise to Floor Touch (Get low and touch the floor with your hands on the back lunge!)

Push ups

Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Lateral Plank Walks