No Food Is “Bad” Food

No Food Is Bad Food

Food should never be the enemy. Yes, even food that is considered unhealthy shouldn’t be viewed in a negative light, and that’s why this graphic is wrong. Sure, some of the comparisons here offer up choices that are healthier, but no food should ever be thought of as the enemy or completely restricted.

Almond Milk isn’t necessarily “healthier” than cow’s milk. Is it a better option for some people? Sure. But it’s not bad. A little bit of sugar or butter in your diet isn’t the end of the world. Everything in moderation.

I understand the intention here was to educate readers about what types of foods may be healthier choices, and that’s great. But, the way the information is displayed sets the reader up to view some foods as oppositional, when all food should be seen as fuel. Food should never be feared.

One of the best ways to successfully lose weight, is to make peace with food. I’ve touched upon this idea before in my previous post discussing how to eat intuitively. Part of this idea means becoming more in tune with your body and paying attention to what foods make you feel good. Think of it like this:

Food is your friend. But just like you wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who is artificial and made up of mostly high fructose corn syrup, your insides would much appreciate it if they didn’t have to deal with the same. Learn to look at food as fuel. You’re not working against it, but rather with it. Healthy, whole foods will be your biggest ally in the fight to reach your happiest, healthiest self.

(Image via VegetableCupcakes and GetRightWithMike)