Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference Photo Recap: Part 2

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New York welcomed me home with a downpour of rain. Can you tell I’d rather be in Colorado still?

Here’s what went down during the second half of the 2012 Fitness & Health Bloggers conference:

Call me Chef Hungry Runner. The Anschutz Health and Wellness Center on the University of Colorado’s Medical campus has the most epic organic bistro with a to-die-for menu and I, Hungry Runner, got an exclusive healthy cooking lesson from the bistro’s head chef. I can only hope that one glorious day my kitchen will look half as organized and nice as this. It usually looks something more like Matthew Inman’s kitchen in Why I Don’t Cook at Home.

I know, you’re wondering… What did we learn to cook? Oh, just Lemon-Thyme Grilled Chicken and Char Grilled Scallions with Curried Yogurt Sauce & Fennel and Watermelon Salad with Fresh Mozzarella Cheese. Yes, it was just as amazing as it sounds. Yes, I have the recipe. And yes, I promise to share it with you all so your taste buds can die and go to Healthy Heaven.

Snack time is the best time! Pure Canada Maple Syrup handed out Maple Energy Snack Squares for an energy boost between lectures. You guys ate these up on Instagram. So many of you asked me for the recipe, which at first, I didn’t have. But I ran into some Pure Canada Maple reps on my way back to the hotel and they tweeted me the Maple Energy Squares Recipe. So, now you can make your own! Which, trust me, you’ll definitely want to do. (P.S. I’m planning on trying out a vegan version of the recipe soon so stay tuned for that!)

You know that epic, organic bistro I was just telling you guys about a few paragraphs back? This is the Mediterranean Flat Bread sandwich from their menu (Grilled Flat Bread, Organic Vegetables, Black Bean Hummus, Avocado, Goat Cheese.) Ask anyone who ordered this for lunch during the conference, it’s the best sandwich you will ever have. PERIOD. EVER. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.

My inner nerd is about to really shine through here. So, this is Dr. Iñigo San Millán. He has completed a great deal of groundbreaking research in the field of exercise physiology. I got to watch him test a runner’s blood lactate levels (mid-run), in order to most accurately determine at what exercise intensity level she burns the most fat. You’re probably expecting me to conclude that the coolest part of the whole conference was something that I ate. But no, it was this.

On Saturday night I got my Spin on with TechnoGym. Hey, I gotta sweat it up, even on vacation. OK, so it’s a lot easier to stay motivated when you’re at a FITNESS conference and part of the planned schedule is exercise. But still, working out is working out. You either do it or ya don’t!

After spinning, I met Jamie from Fit Approach and she gave me some sweet Sweat Pink swag. Thanks, girl!

Our last night in town, I ate this enormous ice cream sundae and immediately both regretted it and didn’t regret it, all at the same time.

Driscoll’s kicked off our Sunday morning session with a Berry Bonanza! When I tell you that at this conference, there were more berries than you’ll ever encounter in your berry-less, little life… Like, you just don’t even understand. 212 Berries in the cylinder alone.Thanks, Driscoll’s, for filling my belly with berries!

Reluctantly, on Sunday afternoon I boarded my flight back to New York. Since I’ve been home, I’ve been to work at the gym, I embarked on a humid and sweaty 5.5-mile run, and now, I’ll be blogging away for the rest of my Hungry Runner life so that I can share all of the amazing information I learned over the past 3 days with all of you!

Get ready for tons of posts to help you get fitter, healthier, and just overall, a lot more awesome!

One last photo:

What a beautiful bunch of bloggers! See you at FHBC 2013!!

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