Do You Know Why I Can’t Wait for Wednesday?

Maybe you recall a time back in March when I asked you all what your favorite post-workout snack was.

Or maybe you don’t. That’s OK. I’ll forgive you for not remembering each and every individual blog post I’ve ever published. It’s fine. Really.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is, when I started the convo about post-workout nutrition with you guys, I had briefly mentioned the Fit Fluential Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference and how cool it would be if I could attend. Well, my life is about to get really cool, because thanks to Refuel with Chocolate Milk I am one of forty bloggers who was awarded with a scholarship to attend the conference!

I actually mentioned this once in the beginning of April, but I didn’t present it in the form of a big announcement because I was too busy being distracted by food.

So, on Wednesday (in just two short days!!) I’ll be on my way to Denver and getting ready to share lots of new health and fitness fun with you all. Here’s how I’ll be starting off the trip:

“Hello bloggers!

We wanted to let you know that there has been a location change for the Thursday pre-conference excursion with goodnessknows. You will be hiking Green Mountain and getting your yoga on at Chautauqua Park in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. You’ll still get stunning Rocky Mountain views and lung-fulls of fresh mountain air, but this way with less travel time in the car and more time enjoying the scenery!

Well, if that’s not the best email that’s ever graced my inbox…

Click here to check out the entire conference agenda. I want you guys to tell me what from the conference you’d most like me to blog about… Aside from all of the fantastic food I’m going to be eating 😉

What from the 2012 Fitness and Health Blogger’s Conference would you most like to see on The Hungry Runner?

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