Day In The Life Of A Hungry Runner- June 16, 2012

a day in the life of hungry runner

1. Since this Hungry Runner has to work on Sundays, for all intents and purposes, today was Father’s Day. Which meant a BBQ at Dad’s, complete with grilled chicken, grilled veggies, and brown rice.

2. Faux Father’s Day also included a trip to the ocean. My first of many this summer.

3. I made Donuts for my Dad. He said, “These may be the best things you’ve ever baked.” Wish I could take full credit for them, but the recipe comes courtesy of none other than Chocolate Covered Katie.

4. Delicious hamburgers were our BBQ appetizers. My dad said, “We’re eating these hamburgers and now we won’t be hungry for the chicken and veggies.” I said, “Do you even know who you’re talking to here?”

5. I got yelled at for taking this picture of myself in the car. My dad and sister proceeded to sing Carly Simon’s, “You’re So Vain.” I don’t care. I was just trying to show off my “Dad” hat. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!