A Day In The Life Of A Hungry Runner ~ June 5, 2012

day in the life of hungry runner

1. I woke up bright and early this morning. Did a few push-ups, and then concocted a new oatmeal recipe. Pear, cinnamon, almond butter, and granola. Perfection!

2. No morning of mine would be complete without a big, beautiful cup of Green Tea with lemon. (My sister is going to yell at me when she sees this because that’s her mug. Isn’t it pretty?)

3. After breakfast, I ran 3 miles. I haven’t been running all that much lately. But this Saturday marks the official beginning of my training for the Hamptons Half Marathon, which is in September, so I’m starting to step up my running game again. You know what that means? Prepare for me to start writing about running much more frequently. (As if I didn’t talk about it enough already.)

4. My dog, Lily, barked at me while I quietly tried to get some writing done.

5. I made a Quinoa-Vegetable Medley with a Mediterranean Dressing for lunch. Does that look healthy, or what? (I’ll be posting that recipe tomorrow!)

6. Despite what the weather channel was predicting, the sun actually showed its face for a few hours this morning. I took full advantage of that by blogging from my backyard.