Boot Camp Challenge: Week 11

11-Week Boot Camp Challenge

Boot Camp Challenge: Week 11

WAHOO! You guys made it! This is the last workout of your Boot Camp Challenge. If you followed through and kept up with each week’s workout while following a healthy, whole-foods diet, you should feel amazing! And even if you’re not exactly where you want to be yet, don’t sweat it. Just make the commitment to keep working hard and you’ll get get there eventually!

This week’s workout is full body circuit designed by FitSugar. Click the link to get all of the moves along with descriptions for proper form. You’re going to be repeating each circuit twice before moving onto the next. Only give yourself 60 seconds rest in between each set of circuits. No cheating! Now go get your sweat on!

P.S. I posted links to each of the 11 workouts from the entire challenge here, so that you guys can refer back to any of the workouts whenever you want! 🙂

And when you’re finished, come back to chat! How do you all feel after 11 weeks? What did you like most about the challenge? What was the hardest part? Are you ready to hit the beach?!