Cardio & Strength Combo Workout

Cardio and Strength Combo Workout

Is today a cardio day? No? Oh, then maybe it’s a strength training day? Or wait, how about we do a little bit of both! Yeah, that sounds like an awesome plan.

Print this out and bring it to the gym with you, or do the workout at home. Go for a run outside and then get your lift on. No weights? No problem! Use gallon water jugs, soup cans, big books… any hand-held thing heavy enough to challenge your muscles will work for your bicep curls.

Don’t forget:

Really give everything you’ve got during the sprint part of your intervals.

– Running and push ups are both exercises that engage your core. Focus on your abdominal muscles and posture during both for an extra, added ab workout!

– Order doesn’t matter. Run first, then lift. Lift first then run. Do whatever floats your boat.

– Have fun!!