Boot Camp Challenge: Week 9

Bikini Boot Camp Challenge: Week 9

Oh man, guys! So, the moves in this six-minute boot camp video are pretty basic, but since there’s really no rest involved, your muscles are going to be BURNING with a capital B. Like, I’m actually wondering how the girl in the video did the entire workout without ever breaking form or making a weird face. How did she do it?! HOW?!

Your goal is to complete the workout in it’s entirety. You are not allowed to break form, but you can make weird faces if you want. In fact, I’m sure that you will once you start to feel the burn! Try to repeat this one 2 or 3 times, with about 1 or 2 minutes rest in between each circuit.

Don’t forget! After this week, you’ve got just two more weeks left. So, make sure you are staying on track with your workout regimen and keeping up with your diet. Because before you know it, the beach will be calling your name. And if you want that bangin’ bikini body, you gotta work for it!

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