Hungry Running Recap: My First Half Marathon

Long Island Half Marathon

One Half-Marathon Down, Many More to Come?

What did I do today? Oh, not much. Just ran 13.1 miles alongside about 10,000 other fellow runners. No biggie!

So, my first half marathon (actually, my first race EVER) is in the books! I don’t care how much my legs hurt during the last 3 miles, the rush that comes with crossing the finish line is worth every ounce of agonizing muscle pain. And what’s equally as awesome, is the sense of camaraderie that racing evokes. I ran with my friends (Above: Joe, Me, Jill, Melissa, and Jen), I ran with every single Long Island half and full marathon runner, and even though we all finished at different times, we still finished it together. Apparently (although not the same races), I also ran with a hell of a lot of other runners this weekend. This was my friend Sara’s Facebook Status this afternoon:

Haha! You’re missing out, Sara! You’re totally missing out.

Things I want to remember about my first race:

  • At about mile 2, remembering and laughing about how I used to refuse to run the mile in high school gym class. That girl? Running a half-marathon? HA!
  • Gaining speed through the determination of not letting people older than me beat me to the finish line. (Is that ageist? Sorry, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me run faster :P)
  • The guy who ran, dressed as the incredible hulk.
  • Jill walking up to the starting line and asking, “Guys, where do I get safety pins for my bib?” You mean, like, the ones that came in the bag they gave us?
  • Joe’s drunken (fake) neck tattoo, because without it I would have never found anybody after the race ended.
  • And all of the really awesome people, with really awesome signs (including my family!), cheering everybody on!

And now… Although the last thing I want to think about for the next few days is running, I think there are plenty more races for me to run in the future!

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